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Keeping your employees informed is the first step to building an engaged workforce. With Haiilo's Multichannel Communication module, you can reach and involve your employees with targeted company news through their preferred channels and devices.

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In the Studio, you will find:

  • Dashboard: Your drafts, published posts, or other users' posts waiting for your approval are located here. The dashboard gives you an overview of your work in the Studio.
  • Editor: All multichannel posts are created, reviewed, and edited in the editor. You can use Haiilo's AI assistant to help with content creation if it's been enabled. You also choose the communication channels through which the audience receives the post. Learn more in these articles:
  • Calendar: All multichannel posts from your platform are shown in a calendar or list view, so you can easily plan your communication. You can drag and drop drafts into the calendar to publish them. Learn more in this article:
  • Analytics: The analytics for all published multichannel posts from your platform are included here, so you can understand the posts' reach and how engaged your users are. Learn more in this article:


These are the permissions related to the Studio:

  • "Access Multichannel Studio": Allows users to access and view the Studio and all its tabs
  • "Create, edit and delete posts": Allows user to create, edit, and delete posts
  • "Publish posts": Allows users to approve, reject, and publish posts. A user without these permissions requires approval for their posts to be published. Alternatively, if a post's audience has been set to be one specific Target Audience/Page, an Admin of that Target Audience/Page can be selected as an approver despite not having publishing permissions, as long as they also have the post creator permissions.
    • For a user to be able to create multichannel posts in the Haiilo mobile app, they require this permission as there is no approval flow on the mobile app.
  • "Multichannel administration": Allows users to manage the Multichannel settings in the Administration, including the communication channels and AI settings
  • "Target any audience": Allows users to select Everyone, individual users, and user groups as the audience of their post. If this isn't enabled, users can only select Target Audiences/Pages as an audience for their posts.

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