Using a custom email address

With Haiilo's Custom Domain add-on, you can define a custom email address from which outgoing system emails or multichannel emails from your platform are sent. Additionally, you can define your own platform domain/URL.


These are the requirements for setting up a custom email address:

  • Your platform is hosted in the Haiilo cloud.
  • You have purchased the Custom Domain add-on.
  • You own the domain you want to use and have access to the Domain Name System (DNS) server responsible for the domain.
  • The email domain must be a valid public domain. This means the domain must have a reachable MX record and A record, and a specific SPF record.

Set up a custom email for system emails

A superadmin can set up a custom email from Administration > System settings > Domain:

  1. Enter the email you want to use
  2. Copy the provided TXT record to your domain's DNS server responsible for the email domain
  3. Select Activate this custom email
  4. Your email is active. If the TXT record has been set up correctly in your domain's DNS server, system emails from Haiilo should now be sent from the set email.

The sender name is taken from System settings > General settings > Network Name.

custom domain settings.png

Set up a custom email for Multichannel posts

If you want to send posts from the Studio from a custom email, an admin with "Multichannel administration" permission can set up a custom email and sender name for the Email communication channel.

  1. Go to Administration > Multichannel > Communication channels > Email
  2. Enter the email and sender name that you want to use
  3. Select Continue custom email setup
  4. Copy the provided CNAME records to your domain's DNS server responsible for the email domain
  5. After adding the records, select Check DNS for custom email setup. It can take a while for the records to be found and validated, so if it doesn't work immediately, check back later and try again.
  6. When the records are validated, Multichannel posts where the Email channel has been selected should now be sent from the set email and name.

custom multichannel email address.png

After setting up a custom email address, changing the email or sender name isn't possible. You need to remove the custom address and set it up again to make changes.

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