Navigating the platform

In this article, we will explore and provide information on the key areas of the Haiilo platform to help you navigate it effectively. To start, Haiilo's interface is divided into these areas:

  1. Navigation bar: Access important areas such as Pages, Communities, and Studio. Additionally, you'll find the essential jump-off points to the search, colleagues list, notifications, and user drop-down menu. Your options depend on individual permissions and the modules you've acquired. 
  2. User drop-down menu: Contains toggles or jump-off points to additional platform, settings, and support elements, such as Administration and Account settings
  3. Homepage navigation bar: Shows the homepages that are available to you. Switch between them to view different homepages. Only visible if multiple homepages are enabled for a user. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Homepages overview.
  4. Chat sidebar: Displays your chat conversations and channels. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Only visible for users with Chat permission. Learn more in Chat.
  5. Main content area: Displays the area you're viewing on the platform and its elements and features. This view changes when you navigate around the platform. In the example screenshot below, you can see what a homepage could look like.

Navigating the platform, numbered.png

1. Navigation bar

Your platform's most essential elements are highlighted in the navigation bar, which allows you to easily access them. Within the navigation bar, you can find:

  • Logo: Your navigation bar logo as defined in your theme. Selecting the logo will take you to your platform's landing page, the first assigned homepage for each user. If homepages aren't in use, the landing page is the Pages overview.
  • Pages: Access the Pages overview to view and create pages. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Pages overview.
  • Communities: Access the Communities overview to view and create communities. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Communities overview.
  • Events: Access the Events overview to view and create events. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Events overview.
  • Studio: Access the Studio to create, manage, and analyze Multichannel content. Requires the Multichannel Communication module. Learn more in Studio overview.
  • Surveys: Access the Surveys admin area to create campaigns and manage settings. Requires the Engagement Surveys module. Learn more in Surveys overview.
  • Search: Access the search. Also open by pressing the F or S keys. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Global search.
  • Colleagues list: Access the colleagues list. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Colleagues list.
  • Launchpad: Access the launchpad. Also open by pressing the L key. Requires the Modern Intranet or Multichannel Communication module. Learn more in Launchpad.
  • Surveys user interface: Access the Surveys user area to answer surveys and discuss given feedback. Requires the Engagement Surveys module. Learn more in Using Surveys as a user.
  • Notification bell: View and interact with received notifications. Learn more in Notification bell.
  • User drop-down menu: Access additional areas, such as the file library, user profile, account settings, etc. Learn more below.

The elements you see in the navigation bar depend on which Haiilo module you've acquired and if a particular element has been enabled for your platform.

2. User drop-down menu

The user drop-down menu can be accessed by selecting your avatar in the navigation bar. In the drop-down, you can take action, jump to other platform areas, and view information. Below, you can see all the potential elements available in the drop-down.

The elements you can see in the drop-down depend on the features that have been enabled and your permissions on the platform. In the drop-down, these are all the elements you can potentially see:

general drop-down menu.png


  • User avatar: Access your user profile. Your current status is shown on your avatar in the drop-down. Learn more in User profile.
  • Change status: Update your status to signal your availability to other users. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Updating your status.
  • Saved items: Access your bookmarked or saved content. You can revisit and remove saved items in this view. Learn more in Bookmarking content.
  • My files: Access your personal file storage in the file library. You can use this as a jump-off point to navigate the file library. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in File library overview.
user drop-down platform.png


  • Administration: Access the Administration area to manage all settings for the platform. Learn more in Administration overview.
  • Analytics: Access the Analytics area to view and analyze your platform's data. The Analytics area can also be accessed from individual pages and communities. Requires the Modern Intranet module and the Analytics Add-on. Learn more in Haiilo Analytics.
  • Manage hero teaser: Access the hero teaser area to view and create hero teasers that can be added to homepages. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Managing hero teasers.
  • Reported content: View users' reported content and decide whether to keep or remove it. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Reporting content.
  • Enable moderator mode: Enable moderator mode to temporarily give yourself superadmin permission to view and manage all areas of the platform. This permission should be highly restricted to very few users. Learn more in Moderator mode.
  • Enable Edit view: Enable the editing view on homepages, overview pages, and other areas where widgets can be placed. Only shown in areas that can be edited, and you have permission to edit it. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Designing homepages and Adding widgets.
user drop-down settings.png


user drop-down support.png


  • Restart tour: Start the platform tour for new users again to receive pop-ups with information about important areas on the platform. Learn more in The platform tour for new users.
  • Terms of use: View your platform's terms of use. Only visible if the terms of use have been activated. Learn more in Defining terms of use.
  • Help: Access either the Haiilo Support Center or a custom location defined for your platform for getting help. Learn more in Changing the "Help" link.
  • About Haiilo: View information about your platform and, by default, Haiilo. This includes viewing your platform's current version and links to Haiilo's privacy policy and website. The Haiilo-specific links can be edited in the interface text.
  • Log out: Log out of your account.

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