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Homepages are THE first point of contact for your users in the morning and the jumping-off point for your employees into other areas of your digital home. The most important information and news is gathered together here – this gives your users a current overview of everything that’s important.

The structure and theme of homepages differ depending on the organization and are based on what goals you are pursuing and what your internal organization is. We’ll show you what you need to consider in terms of the structure and how to create your homepages in Haiilo.


Haiilo offers you many options for designing your homepages(s). Each homepage can have its own layout and theme. 

You can also decide what content should be shown on mobile devices.
This allows you to optimize homepages specifically for mobile use.

Before you jump in and start designing your homepage, you should ask yourself the following questions beforehand:

  • What goals are you pursuing by introducing Haiilo?
  • What user groups are there in your company?
  • What information and content are important for your users or user groups?
  • What content do your users need on the go-live day?
  • Is one homepage sufficient or do you need another homepage to show different content to different target groups?

Done? Great! Once you have answered the most important questions and have created a homepage in Administration, it’s time to look at the structure and layout.

Create homepage(s)

Step 1: Edit homepage 

Activate the editing of the homepage by actively accessing the respective homepage and clicking on the dropdown menu next to your personal profile.

Select the option "Enable Edit view".


Step 2: Determine the framework for the layout

Next, you will see a layout row, which covers the whole width of the homepage. This is a default setting and an example in Haiilo. You can add a new row using the blue plus sign, or remove an existing row with the dark gray minus sign.


If you add a new layout row, you can also decide whether this should contain several columns or be shown in one row across the whole width of the homepage.


Step 3: Fill the homepage with life

The basic structure is standing. Now it’s a case of filling the columns and rows of your homepage with life. It depends here what goals you are pursuing with Haiilo and what content is most important for your users or user groups (see basics above).

With widgets, Haiilo offers you the opportunity to design the homepage(s) in such a way that they correspond to your expectations and needs. You can add and arrange as many widgets to the homepage as you like. However, you need to take care here! The homepage is the first impression of the go-live and the overview of the most important information. So: Keep it simple! Homepages should be designed as clearly as possible and kept simple.

You can add the widgets in editing mode, with the green plus sign, in any area of your homepage.



You have additional setting options with every widget:

You can decide for yourself whether or not this should be shown on mobile devices. In addition, you can change the name of many widgets and tailor them to your needs. This is possible using the respective widget menu and by clicking in the "A". This menu also gives you the opportunity to place the widgets somewhere else. You can do this via drag & drop (see six dots) or by using the scissors icon.


Step 4: Don’t forget to save

The layout and theme of your homepage are done. Awesome! The most important thing comes at the end: Saving.

If you go into another area of Haiilo without saving, all of the changes will be lost.



Below you will find an example of how we filled the layout from the screenshots above with life. We used the following widgets:
  • Welcome (top)
  • Subscriptions (top left)
  • Popular hashtags (bottom left)
  • Timeline (right)


Customize layouts

Do you want to make a change to the layout later on? That’s no problem! To do this, activate the editing of the homepage again with the option "Enable Edit view".

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