White Label Mobile App

The Haiilo mobile app can be customized with your company's branding as a white label solution. Your white label app is technically built exactly like the standard Haiilo mobile app. It is managed in the Apple and Google Play Stores by Haiilo and receives the same updates as the standard Haiilo mobile app. You can decide how to roll out the white label app to your users.

Get a white label app

  • If you want to purchase a white label app, please contact your Haiilo account manager or reach out via the Service Desk.
  • To develop a white label app for you, we require information and the assets you'd like the app to use. To collect this information, we will provide you with an asset catalog, which you can fill out with all necessary requirements and details.
  • After receiving the filled-out catalog, developing your white label app takes 4-6 weeks.

You can find the asset catalog for the withe label app here.

Customization options

You will receive an asset catalog from us for the exact customization options. It explains exactly what we need from you. The options are:

  • Icons
  • Names
  • Color
  • App store descriptions

Once we have all your assets and information, our development team will build your white label app.


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