White Label Mobile App

The Haiilo mobile app can be customized with your company's branding as a white-label solution. Your white-label app is technically built exactly like the standard Haiilo mobile app. It is managed in the Apple and Google Play Stores by Haiilo and receives the same updates as the standard Haiilo mobile app. You can decide how to roll out the white-label app to your users.

Get a white-label app

  1. To purchase a white-label app, please contact your Haiilo Account Manager. They will provide you with information and pricing.
  2. After purchasing the add-on, we require certain information and assets from you to develop your app. You can view the assets and information we require in the asset catalog.
  3. After gathering the required information and assets, you should provide them to us by filling out our asset collection form. The form can be found linked in the asset catalog.
  4. After receiving and verifying the assets and information, our team will need 4-6 weeks to develop your white-label app.

Customization options

The asset catalog includes and explains the customization options and information we need from you. This includes:

  • Icons
  • Names
  • Colors
  • App store descriptions

If you need to change the assets of your white-label app later, please prepare the new assets and contact our Service Desk for assistance.


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