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In the Haiilo mobile app, users can activate an app lock by setting up a passcode and, optionally, enabling access with biometrics like FaceID. Alternatively, an app lock function can be enforced by a setting if you use a white-label app or distribute the app to your users via an MDM/EMM.

Activate the app lock

  1. Select in the bottom navigation bar
  2. Select Settings > Security > Turn passcode on
  3. Use the default 4-digit PIN or select App lock options and choose a 6-digit PIN or custom alphanumeric code.
  4. Enter and re-enter your PIN or code
  5. Decide whether you want to use biometrics to access the app. You can always turn this feature off in settings later.

You can, at any point, navigate back to the settings to turn the app lock off or change the passcode.

Enforce the app lock (white-label app or EMM)

You can enforce the app lock to be used on a white-label app or via EMM/MDM. In this case, the user must set a passcode before they reach the log-in screen to access the platform. This ensures that they secure the app before accessing any company information.

The user sets a passcode the same way as described in steps 3-4 above. Additionally, the user can turn on biometrics. You have the following options regarding biometrics:

  • For EMM/MDM: You can prevent using biometrics by a setting in your EMM/MDM solution. Users won't see the option to enable biometrics for the Haiilo app; the option is hidden.
  • For a white-label app:
    • You can force using biometrics to enter the app. This means biometrics cannot be turned off in the Haiilo app. If the user's mobile device settings don't allow biometrics for the Haiilo app, they won't be able to access it.
    • You cannot prevent using biometrics on the white-label app unless you roll it out with EMM/MDM.

If a user is already logged in when the app lock is enforced, they will be forced to set a passcode the next time they use it.

app lock example screenshots.png

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