Turn moderators into Community experts

Manage communities

A Community is an ideal opportunity for project groups, teams, and interest groups to work together on their topics. Over time, the number of communities in your Haiilo will grow. This naturally also means more administrators (moderators) who are responsible for a Community.

At first glance, the moderators only appear to be responsible for the Community, but their responsibility extends even further: In their role as moderators, they also have an influence on the satisfaction of the members. This satisfaction may have many facets and be influenced by various factors:

  • Structure of the Community
  • Content and goal of the Community
  • Activity in the Community
  • Conduct towards each other in the Community

A moderator can influence the stated factors. The level of knowledge and technical skills can, however, vary between the individual moderators. You’ll have moderators with a high affinity who manage to find their feet quickly, and others who need support. As an intranet manager, you can ensure that the knowledge among the moderators doesn’t differ so much and reaches a similar level: With the help of training. Train new moderators in how to handle communities. In terms of content, there are two overarching topics that require training: technical and content-related aspects. 

Train technical understanding

Give your moderators the necessary knowledge to sensibly and successfully set up communities. An appealing and sensible layout is an important basis for promoting activity and interaction in the Community. You should take the following content into account during the training:

  • Creating a Community (with corresponding settings)
  • Adding and managing apps (how and which app is for which use case)
  • Member management (inviting, removing, and promoting)

This is often very helpful as your moderators can now really get started with the actual work on their own.  

Promote activity

A Community thrives on interaction. Boosting activity here and then also continuously maintaining it is the key for the moderators. Here, too, you can help your moderators to successfully develop their Community. You should be sure to focus on these topics:

  • Be a role model: Set a good example
  • Break down obstacles/inhibitions: Highlight advantages instead of being passive
  • Initiate conversations: Ask open questions
  • Accompany discussions: If necessary, act as a moderator in discussions
  • Establish regularity: Create a regular exchange
  • Show reactions: "Like" and comment on posts
  • Activate notifications: Don’t miss any news

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