Microsoft integration overview

With Haiilo's Microsoft integration, you can allow users to authenticate with Microsoft credentials, provision users from Microsoft, and access and edit M365 files from Haiilo.

Additionally, with an add-on, users can sync events to Outlook calendar, attach SharePoint files to various platform elements, search for files on SharePoint within Haiilo, upload videos from Stream, etc. The add-on also enables you to include your homepages and blog articles on Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft integration features are divided into two parts: basic and add-on.

Basic features

The basic features are included with your Haiilo platform by default.

  • Authenticating with Microsoft: Users can log in to Haiilo using their Microsoft credentials, provided that their email address on Haiilo matches their email address on Microsoft. The setup is established on Microsoft Entra ID and Haiilo. To use the Microsoft add-on features, users need to be logged in via Microsoft authentication. Learn more in this article:
  • Syncing users from Microsoft: Users and groups can be automatically synchronized from Microsoft. The setup is established in Microsoft Entra ID and in Haiilo's Administration > User directories. Learn more in this article:
  • Editing Microsoft 365 files: Users can open and edit .docx, .xlxs, and .pptx files from the file preview. Users can see when and by whom a file is being edited, and changes are saved and updated in Haiilo. The file versioning is adjusted on Haiilo when more than 30 minutes have passed since the previous version was created. If a file that is currently being edited needs to be unlocked, users who have permission to edit the Documents app can also unlock the file via a lock icon within the preview.
    • You need the Modern Intranet module and "Edit files with Microsoft Office" permission to use this feature.

Add-on features

The Microsoft add-on comes at an additional cost and can only be used with the Modern Intranet module. Using Microsoft authentication is a prerequisite for using the add-on features.

If you have the required add-on and module and have set up Microsoft authentication, the below additional features can be configured for your platform.

Microsoft 365 features

The below features are available after an easy setup and activation. Learn more in this article: Activating the Microsoft add-on features

Event sync from Haiilo to Outlook.png

Syncing events to Outlook Calendar

Events on the platform are synced to a user's Outlook Calendar. Changes are also updated automatically.

Users need to activate the Outlook Calendar sync in their account settings.

attach sharepoint files.png

Attaching SharePoint Online files

Users can easily attach SharePoint Online files to elements such as timeline posts, comments, in a chat, or as an attachment to an article.

The permission settings of documents in SharePoint Online remain the same even when publishing them on Haiilo.

search sharepoint files.png

Searching SharePoint Online on Haiilo

Users can find files on SharePoint Online within Haiilo's search. Results from SharePoint are shown as its own content type, and when a result is selected, the user is taken to the file on SharePoint.

Selecting See all directs the user to SharePoint Online's search.

example MS Stream video.png

Microsoft Stream videos on Haiilo

Users can insert MS Stream videos in the Rich Text Editor widget, video widget, or on the Timeline using the video's embed URL. The video will generate a preview and be playable in Haiilo.

Additionally, you can add live event URLs in an event, so your viewers can participate in the live video directly in Haiilo.

Copy the video URL from Share > Embed code in MS Stream. Note! Only copy the URL from the code, not the whole embed code.

latest M365 files widget.png

Latest M365 files widget

Users can see their recently edited Microsoft 365 files in a widget. Users can open files from the widget, whereby the corresponding tool (e.g., Word, Excel) is opened in a new browser tab.

When setting up the widget, you can decide how many files to display. Users can see more files by selecting Show more.

launchpad M365.png

M365 apps in the Launchpad

Users can easily access the most important Microsoft 365 apps directly and easily via the Launchpad. The apps are hardcoded.

Furthermore, a    icon shows next to the Outlook launchpad icon if the user has unread emails. 

Microsoft Teams features

The below features are available after the Microsoft 365 add-on has been activated and a Teams app has been set up. The setup for Teams differs depending on whether you're using Haiilo's Public or Private Cloud. Learn more in the corresponding article:

Using Microsoft Teams for Multichannel Communication doesn't require the Microsoft add-on. Read more in Setting up the Microsoft Teams integration (Multichannel).

blog article notifications in teams.png

New blog article notifications on Microsoft Teams

Users can receive notifications for new blog articles in a Haiilo app on Microsoft Teams. They will see the blog's title, teaser text, and image and can open Haiilo to read the full article.

ms teams homepages view.png

Integrating Haiilo homepages on Microsoft Teams

Users can easily access their platform's content through Teams by viewing their platform homepages directly in the app.

Additionally, users are notified of new blog articles, as explained above.

start a teams chat from haiilo.png

Starting a Microsoft Teams chat from Haiilo

Users with "Send messages via Microsoft Teams" permission can open a Teams chat or call a colleague directly from that colleague's Haiilo profile. The Teams app will open where the user can start the conversation.


The permissions directly related to the Microsoft integration are:

  • "Activate Microsoft 365": Allows users to use the features of the Microsoft add-on.
  • "Edit files with Microsoft Office": Allows users to open and edit Office files directly from Haiilo.
  • "Send messages via Microsoft Teams": Allows users to start a Teams chat with a colleague directly from that colleague's Haiilo profile.

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