I'm having issues including Haiilo's metadata.xml in the ADFS server. What can I do?

An error occurred during an attempt to read the federation metadata. 
Verify that the specified URL or host name is a valid federation metadata endpoint.

If you encounter the above error message while attempting to include the Haiilo metadata.xml as Party Trust in the ADFS server, your ADFS server is likely using the outdated TLS 1.0. In such cases, disabling TLS 1.0 on the ADFS server and using TLS 1.2 can often help.

Another workaround is to download our metadata.xml with a browser and include it on the ADFS server in the Add Relying Party Trust Wizard as an .xml file, not with the URL.

Additionally, if you encounter the message "Ooops.... An error has occurred", you can try one of the following steps:

  1. If you get a Haiilo error SSO_OTHER, please check the timezone of the Haiilo host and the ADFS server first, as a difference in time zones can cause this error.
  2. Another reason for the error could be an issue with the configuration in the Administration. Please ensure that the Entity ID specified in Haiilo is exactly the same as the one in the ADFS metadata.xml. Often an "s" is appended to the http or the case is not taken into account.

We often find that ADFS sync problems are not related to Haiilo, but to the network infrastructure or an incorrectly configured ADFS server. Therefore, we recommend checking all internal configurations first. If the problem persists and is related to configuration difficulties with ADFS, Microsoft's support team will be able to help you. If you require assistance with errors related to Haiilo, contact our Service Desk for assistance.

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