Creating homepages

You can create homepages if you have the "Manage homepages" permission.

Create a homepage

  1. Go to Administration > Homepages
  2. Select Create homepage
  3. Enter a name for your new homepage. The name of a homepage is visible to users in the URL. If there is more than one homepage, the name is additionally displayed in the homepage navigation bar.
  4. Decide whether to activate the homepage on the web and/or mobile. We recommend activating the homepage only after it has been designed to ensure users don't see a blank homepage. An inactive homepage is only visible to editors and can be accessed using the homepage URL.
    • A homepage can only be enabled for the mobile app if it doesn't have a custom URL (step 7).
  5. Specify editors for the homepage. Editors can edit the homepage and its layout. You can specify individual editors for every homepage.
  6. Set the visibility 
    • A public homepage can be seen by every user of your platform.
    • A private homepage can only be accessed/seen by selected users or user groups. This allows you to create and publish different homepages for different target groups.
  7. In the Advanced settings, you can add and link to a custom URL (e.g., an external website). When users select the homepage name in the homepage navigation bar, they are directed to this URL instead of a homepage on Haiilo.
  8. Select Save to create your homepage

When creating a new homepage, it will be blank. You can add content to your homepage by designing it.

Create a homepage set

If a company has different homepages for various user groups, managing them can be simpler by grouping them together. For instance, if users in the UK and Germany need to view different homepages, the visibility can be managed at a set level instead of an individual homepage level. When a homepage is part of a set, it adopts the set's visibility.

  1. Go to Administration > Homepages
  2. Select Create set
  3. Enter a name for your new homepage set
  4. Select the user group for which the set should be the default
  5. Select Save to create your set

You can then add the relevant homepages to the set by dragging and dropping them into it. A homepage can belong to one set or no set. 

Users with the "Switch between homepage sets" permission can view and switch between multiple homepage sets if they belong to two or more sets.

switch between homepage sets.png

Order homepages

To change the order of homepages in the homepage navigation bar, drag and drop them in the list found in the Administration. The homepage listed at the top in the Administration will always appear first in the homepage navigation bar on the web. If there is only one homepage for the user, no navigation bar displays. The structure of homepages on the mobile app is slightly different.

homepage navigation bar.png

You can choose to display the homepage navigation bar at all times, regardless of the user's location in the platform. This option can be set in Administration > System settings > General settings.

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