Backups in the Haiilo Cloud

For the Haiilo Cloud, we perform regular backups that comply with current standards. We use various backup techniques for this purpose.

For the backups of the Haiilo database, we use the built-in backup feature of the Relational Database Service (RDS).

This service creates an incremental backup every five minutes and a full backup of the Haiilo database once a night. We reserve these backups for 14 days.

We store the binary files, such as images and videos, in the available object storage service of our provider, Open Telekom Cloud (OTC). This service also provides versioning of the binary files.

We back up this data in case of emergency: a backup in the Haiilo Cloud gives us the option to restore data from a backup in case of a total failure. Here it is necessary to take into account that it necessarily means a loss of current data created in the meantime.

Restoring individual content within a Haiilo Cloud environment and/or an entire single Haiilo Cloud environment using a backup is not possible.


In the private cloud, backups are technically structured slightly differently per platform. If you have any questions about this, you can contact our service desk.

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