Navigating the mobile app

In this article, we will explore the different areas of the Haiilo mobile app and provide information to help you navigate it effectively. To learn more about the features and functionalities of the mobile app, read Haiilo mobile app overview.

The interface is the same for the standard Haiilo mobile app and a white label mobile app. To start, the navigation bar in Haiilo's mobile app is divided into these areas:

  1. Home: The home dashboard provides an overview of the content in your platform. This is the landing page when you open the mobile app. You'll also find the search and notification bell in this view.
  2. Timeline: The timeline displays, unsurprisingly, your personal newsfeed (Timeline widget).
  3. Chat: The chat grants you access to send and receive chat messages.
  4. Colleagues list: The colleagues list shows all the colleagues in your platform and provides easy access to other users' profiles. 
  5. Menu: The menu is your jump-off point to other areas in the mobile app, such as Pages, Communities, Events, your saved items, profile, and settings. You can also log out from your account via the menu.

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The elements you can see in the mobile app areas depend on the modules and features that have been enabled and your permissions on the platform. These are all the elements you can potentially see per area:

home dasboard on mobile2.png


  • Search: Access the global search to search for content. Learn more in Global search on mobile.
  • Surveys: Open the Surveys user interface to respond to active surveys. Requires the Engagement Surveys module. Learn more in Using Surveys as a user.
  • Notifications: View your in-app notifications. Learn more in In-app notifications on mobile.
  • Launchpad: See your favorite launchpad links for easy access. You can also open the full launchpad to see all links. Learn more in Launchpad on mobile.
  • Dashboard: See your platform's newest multichannel posts and trending blog articles, as well as your pages and communities. Learn more in Home dashboard on mobile.
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  • Timeline: View and interact with content on your newsfeed (timeline widget). Learn more in Timeline on mobile
  • Studio: Create and publish Studio posts from the icon. Requires the Multichannel Communication module. Learn more in Multichannel on mobile.
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  • Read and write chat messages and start chat conversations or group channels. Only visible for users with Chat permission. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Chat.
colleagues list on mobile.png

Colleagues list

  • View a list of your colleagues on the platform and visit other users' profiles to easily call, message, or email them. Only visible for users with Colleagues list permission. Requires the Modern Intranet module. Learn more in Colleagues list.
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  • Profile: Access your user profile to view your profile information or your personal profile timeline. Learn more in User profile.
  • Pages: Access the Pages overview, and from there, pages on your platform. Learn more in Pages on mobile
  • Communities: Access the Communities overview, and from there, communities on your platform. Learn more in Communities on mobile.
  • Events: Access the Events overview, and from there, events on your platform. Learn more in Events on mobile.
  • Saved items: Find your bookmarked content. Learn more in Bookmarking content.
  • Settings: Access your settings for the mobile app, including push notifications, security (app lock), and content language. You can also send feedback to the Haiilo team from here. Learn more in:


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