Understanding the Administration

The Administration is where you can manage users and settings for your platform. Additionally, you can access reports and subscription information related to your platform from this section. The Administration is divided into multiple areas, allowing you to split the management of settings among different individuals. For example, you can assign an IT Admin access to manage user directories and authentication, but not homepages, launchpad, and features.

Any user with permission to access an area in the administration can see and select Administration in the user drop-down menu.


Features and permissions

The Administration is divided into the below areas. You also need corresponding permission to access a certain area in the Administration.

Area Description Related permissions
User management

Managing users, groups, roles, and permissions.

Learn more in the User Management section

"Manage users, groups and roles"

System settings

"Manage system settings"

"Manage maintenance mode"


Setting up communication channels for distributing content from the Studio.

Learn more in Setting up communication channels

"Multichannel Administration"

Setting up an AI provider and toggling AVA features for the platform. 

Learn more in Setting up Haiilo AVA

"Manage AVA"


Activating brute force protection and defining settings for reporting content.

Learn more in Enabling brute force protection and Reporting content

"Manage security"


Enabling apps, widgets, and plug-ins for use on the platform.

Learn more in Apps overview, Widgets overview, and Plug-ins overview

"Manage features"

"Manage plug-ins"


Creating, activating, and ordering homepages and homepage sets.

Learn more in Creating homepages

"Manage homepages"

Activating the launchpad and creating launchpad categories.

Learn more in Launchpad

"Manage categories for the launchpad"

Creating and managing themes.

Learn more in Creating themes

"Manage themes"

Defining system languages and editing interface translations.

Learn more in Adding languages and Customizing interface text

"Manage languages"

User directories

Adding user directories.

Learn more in the User directories section

"Manage user directories"

Setting up authentication providers.

Learn more in the Authentication section

"Manage authentication providers"
API clients

Creating API credentials used to call the API. 

Learn more in Haiilo API overview

"Manage API clients"
Terms of use

Defining terms of use and viewing the terms of use logs.

Learn more in Defining terms of use

"Manage terms of use"

Viewing jobs that run on the platform.

Learn more in Automated jobs

"Manage jobs"

Viewing reports on platform usage.

Learn more in Analyzing platform usage in Reports

"Manage reports"

Viewing your subscription information, including license, user limit, storage, and modules and add-ons in use.

Learn more in Managing your subscription

"Manage license/subscription"

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