Haiilo offers a chat feature for your users to communicate with each other privately or in a group. To use the chat, a user needs to have the "Write and receive messages" permission. Once enabled, users can access the chat on the right side of their browser window and in the mobile app navigation.

If you cannot see the chat on your platform, this function is currently disabled for you.

Start a private chat with another user

You can message another user by opening a chat with them.

  1. In the chat list on the right, select the icon
  2. Find the user you want to chat with
  3. Select the user

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the user's profile and select Message to start a chat with them.


Start a chat with a group of users

You can message multiple users by opening a group channel with them.

  1. Select Create a group channel
  2. Enter a name for the group channel
  3. Add users to the group by selecting them in the list. Your group channel must contain at least 2 other users.
  4. Select Create channel when you're ready

When you create a group chat, you automatically become its admin. As the admin, you can customize the channel to suit your preferences:

  • Select > Edit to manage the channel's name, add new members, or remove current members.
  • Select > Info & files to manage the channel's admins

If you, as the admin, leave the group channel, all other members are automatically promoted to admin. If all members leave the group channel, there is no way to restore it.

Interact with a chat

Like any chat, you can send messages and upload files in Haiilo's chat. You can also take other actions:

  • Mute a chat: Select > Mute to stop receiving notifications about new messages in a chat. An  icon displays on a chat to signify it's muted. If you have muted a chat, this applies to both the browser and the mobile app.
    • You can later Unmute to start receiving notifications again.
  • Download attachments: Select > Info & files to see a list of sent attachments and be able to download them individually
  • Delete a message: Select next to one of your chat messages > Delete to delete the message. Once you've deleted a message, it's replaced with a notification indicating that a previously sent message has been deleted.
  • Archive a private chat: Select > Archive to archive private chats so they are no longer displayed in the overview. However, the chat history remains with the other chat user. If the other user writes in the chat again, the chat and its history will reappear in their overview list. Chats cannot be deleted.
  • Leave a group channel: Select > Leave to exit a group channel. After exiting, you cannot rejoin unless the group channel admin re-adds you.

Manage global settings for archiving and deleting chats

Admins can define global settings for archiving channels and deleting old private messages in Administration > System settings > Messaging. If you activate Automatically archive channels or Automatically remove old private messages, you can specify the number of hours after which a channel is archived or a message deleted.

When you delete old messages, the messages and any transferred files will be completely deleted from the database.


Under Advanced settings, you can also decide when the job for archiving channels or deleting messages should be executed. You have to define the time via cron. Using a cron, you can automate the time-based execution of processes in Unix and Unix-like operating systems such as Linux, BSD, or macOS and thus also set finer increments than hours. By default, the cron 0 0 * * * * is defined in the Haiilo platform. With these settings, the job runs daily at 00:00 Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

Chat on mobile

The chat feature on the mobile app works almost identically to its functionality in the browser view. Therefore, a user with "Write and receive messages" permissions for the chat can use both the browser and app chat.

The mobile app chat has only two differences from the browser chat. These are explained below.

  • Use voice messages: In the mobile app chat, you can record and send voice messages. When you receive a voice message, you can listen to it in the browser or app chat. Voice messaging is a standard chat feature, and it cannot be disabled.

  • Block file uploads (only for white label apps): If you use Haiilo's White Label Mobile App, you can block file uploads to prevent users from uploading images, files, and other types of content in the mobile app chat. This feature also blocks users from copying and pasting or using the Share feature of other apps to add content to the chat. Sending voice messages is not affected and will remain available. To activate this feature, please contact our Service Desk.

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