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In the Haiilo mobile app, you can see the native widgets and their contents that appear in content apps, blog articles, wiki articles, and homepages. However, non-native widgets are not visible in the mobile app. If a native widget has been hidden for mobile, it will also not be displayed.

Widgets added to pages, communities, events, overview pages, the Colleagues list, or the user profile page are not displayed in the mobile app, regardless of whether the widgets are natively supported or not.

View widgets in the app

Native widgets

Native widgets are fully supported for the mobile app to ensure the content in them is mobile-app friendly to view and interact with. Native widgets display directly inside an app, and the content has been optimized for the mobile app view. These widgets are: 

  • Latest files
  • Latest wiki articles
  • Image
  • Downloads
  • Blog article
  • Wiki article
  • Bookmarks
  • Link button
  • User profile
  • Rich text editor
  • Text
  • Divider
  • Video
  • Headlines
  • iFrame: An iFrame to another Haiilo URL isn't supported. Scrolling in an iFrame is currently not supported for Android.
  • Latest blog articles: Articles are always displayed in the List view on mobile.
  • Media: Only 3 images are shown in the preview.
  • Code: Haiilo doesn't guarantee that all code is supported.
  • Poll: Custom answers aren't supported.
  • Callout: The callout box colors are muted on mobile and no icons are shown.
  • Single file: No preview image is shown.
  • Teaser: The teaser is always displayed in the Carousel view on mobile. Sublines aren't shown on the teaser, and the headline is always aligned to the bottom left.
  • Recommended blog articles:¬†Articles are always displayed in the List view on mobile.
  • Plug-ins: Scrolling within plug-ins isn't supported. Therefore, it's recommended to set a reasonable default size for the plug-in. The Chart plug-in is currently not supported for iOS.

To identify whether a widget is supported natively or not in the Haiilo mobile app, you can check the widget catalog in the browser version. If the widget shows an icon, it's natively supported and can be viewed in the mobile app.

Non-native widgets

Non-native widgets haven't been developed for the mobile app and because of this, they do not display in the mobile app. These widgets are:

  • Upcoming event
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • Trending hashtags
  • Online users
  • Do you know?
  • New colleagues
  • RSS feed
  • Suggested communities
  • Suggested pages
  • HTML
  • Subscriptions
  • Complete profile
  • Timeline
  • Welcome
  • Launchpad links
  • Latest M365 files
  • Featured posts: Only available on the Home dashboard on mobile.
  • Trending blog articles: Only available on the Home dashboard on mobile.

Widget order on mobile

Widgets on mobile are ordered in a single column, from top to bottom and left to right. The widgets are displayed in the following order based on rows and columns used in the browser version:

  • The top row's columns and their widgets are shown first. Any additional rows are shown after all the widgets in the top row's columns.
  • The left column's widgets are shown first, ordered from top to bottom. A second column's widgets are shown second, ordered from top to bottom, and so on.

To understand widget rows and columns, read Adding widgets.

widgets on mobile. Hidden widgets shown.png

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