Widgets overview

Widgets make Haiilo as modular and flexible as you want it to be. You can think of widgets as small blocks that display content or play it out dynamically and personalized, depending on the scenario. Whether it's your homepage, various apps, or the overview pages of your platform - fill the selected layout with exactly the widgets that best suit your use case.

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The topic of widgets includes the following:

  • Enabling widgets: Admins can turn individual widgets on or off for the platform in Administration > Features > Widgets. This way, you can decide which widgets can be used in your platform. You can also determine if the widget can only be managed and added by moderators. Learn more:
  • Adding widgets: Users with appropriate permission can add the enabled widgets to elements in the platform, such as homepages, pages, content apps, and more. Learn more in this article:
  • Widget catalog: Widgets are added to elements using the widget catalog. Widgets are divided into four categories:
      • Dynamic: The content of these widgets changes because dynamic widgets use sources that keep updating and changing.
      • Static: These widgets are fed from constant, fixed sources. Therefore, the content of these widgets always remains the same - until you change them.
      • Personal: These widgets are user-dependent. They make use of the user's personal information. This means that they display content that users have entered or actively set in Haiilo.
      • Plug-ins: If you've added plug-ins to your platform, they are shown in the catalog.

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  • Widget menu: Each widget has a menu in its header that is visible in Edit view. There are various actions available in the menu depending on the widget. However, not all options are available for every widget.
    • : Hold to move the widget to another location via a drag-and-drop function.
    • : Change the widget title.
    • : Open the widget's settings. Each widget has its own configuration options.
    • : Cut out the widget from its current location. Other plus icons on columns become insert icons, so you can select one to move the widget to its location.
    • : Select whether the widget should be displayed in the mobile app or not. Only native widgets display on mobile. A list of native and non-native widgets is found in the Haiilo mobile app article.
    • : Delete the widget.
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  • Widgets on mobile: In the mobile app, only natively supported widgets are displayed. Learn more in this article:


  • "Create and manage global widgets": Allows users to install widgets within overviews (Pages, Communities, Events), within the colleagues list, or the personal profile, which are visible to everybody in the platform.
  • "Manage features": Allows users to access and manage the Features settings in the Administration. Features include managing apps and widgets for the platform.

Furthermore, to add widgets, you need to be an admin or editor of the element to which the widget is being added.

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