The image widget

The image widget from Haiilo helps you to deposit single images at targeted locations.


Like all widgets, you can select the image widget in the widget catalog and add it with the edit layout mode to a homepage, page, community or event or you add it into a content app.


After creating the widget, select an image to be displayed.



The first place to upload an image is always the document library of the user who is editing the image widget. If the image should be accessible by another user afterwards, a "public" location (e.g. the homepage) should be selected here for uploading the image.

In addition, the following settings can be set:

  • Alternative text
    • Here you can add a text that helps users with the accessibility.
  • Links to...
    • If the image should be clickable and lead to a link, you can enter it here.
  • Opens in a new tab
    • The link can also open in a new tab instead of the same tab as needed.


How can we open the image of the widget in a preview?

If you want to open the image of the widget in a preview, it is recommended that you enter the link to the image for the "Links to..." option.

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