Setting up the Microsoft Teams integration (Multichannel)

You can use Microsoft Teams as a communication channel when sending posts from the Studio. For this, you need to configure an Entra ID app and a Teams app according to the steps below. Both apps are required.

This article only concerns creating a Microsoft Teams integration for the Multichannel Communication module. For information on the Modern Intranet module's Microsoft Teams integration, view Microsoft Teams Integration: Setup (Cloud).

Set up an Entra ID App

Configure an Entra ID app according to the steps below to use MS Teams as a communication channel in the Studio for your Multichannel posts.

  1. Login to Microsoft Azure Platform with an admin account
  2. Go to Microsoft Entra ID
  3. Create a new app
    1. Go to App registrations > New registration
    2. Enter a Name
    3. Select a Supported account type
    4. Select Register


  4. Go to API permissions
    1. Add application permission: TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteSelfForUser.All
    2. Add application permission: AppCatalog.Read.All
    3. Add application permission: User.Read.All
    4. Select Grant admin consent for App_Name
    5. Select Yes


  5. Create a client secret
    1. Go to Certificates & secrets
    2. Select New client secret
    3. Enter a name and expiry date
    4. Select Add


  6. In Haiilo's Administration > Multichannel, add the Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client secret from the Entra ID app into the corresponding fields.

Set up a Teams App

After setting up the Entra ID app, configure a Teams app according to the steps below.

  1. Login to the Developer Portal
  2. Create a Teams App
    1. Select Apps (on the left side menu) > New app


    2. Enter a name for the app
    3. Select Add
  3. Configure Basic information
    1. Fill in the Developer Information


    2. Fill in App URLs
    3. Add your Entra ID App's Client ID into the Application (client) ID field. The Entra ID App was created in the previous steps
    4. In Haiilo's Administration > Multichannel, add the App ID from MS Teams into the corresponding field
  4. Enable Bot feature
    1. Select App features > Bot


    2. Select Identify your bot > Enter Bot ID. The Bot ID can be found in Haiilo's Administration > Multichannel.


    3. Select "Only send notifications (one-way conversations)" in the "What can your bot do?" section. This is recommended because message responses a user sends are not captured or processed. Enabled replies might mislead the user into thinking that the reply reaches the post author.
    4. Select Personal in "Select the scopes in which people can use this command" section
    5. Select Save
  5. Add the domain to enable the full post to be displayed in MS Teams' iFrame
    1. Go to Domains
    2. Select Create your first domain or Add domain
    3. Add your Haiilo platform's domain for which this app is used, e.g.,
    4. Select Save
  6. Publish the App from Publish to Org > Publish your app


  7. Approve the Teams App
    1. Login to
    2. Select Teams Apps > Manage Apps (on the left side menu)
    3. Search for and select your app


    4. Select PublishPublish


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