Activating maintenance mode

You can activate a maintenance mode to temporarily "turn off" your platform when you need to update your platform's content, information, or functionalities. This way, you can make the necessary changes without worrying about disrupting users' work.

It is always a good practice to inform your users in advance about the maintenance window so they can plan their activities accordingly. Users may lose their open changes when maintenance mode is activated without prior notice, and Haiilo cannot restore lost changes.

Activate maintenance mode

You need "Manage system settings" and "Manage maintenance mode" permissions to activate maintenance mode. The "Manage maintenance mode" permission is required to be able to use the platform during an activated maintenance mode.

  1. Go to Administration > System settings > Maintenance mode
  2. Enter a headline for your users, e.g., "The platform is undergoing maintenance"
  3. Enter a message for your users. We recommend shortly explaining the most critical information about the maintenance, e.g., what is being updated, when the maintenance starts and ends, and who to contact in case of questions.
  4. Check Activate maintenance mode
  5. Select Save

When you're ready to deactivate maintenance mode, navigate back to the settings to uncheck Activate maintenance mode and resave.

View during maintenance mode

User view

After activating maintenance mode, users will be automatically logged out and will see the configured headline and message.

maintenance mode message to users.png

Users don't receive notifications when maintenance mode is enabled or disabled. When maintenance mode is deactivated, users will be able to access the platform again.

The Haiilo mobile app displays a static maintenance message: "The server is in maintenance mode. Please try again later". The message cannot be edited due to space limitations in the mobile app's notification banner.

Admin view

After activating maintenance mode, super admins or users with "Access moderator mode" permission will see a bar at the bottom of the platform with the note "Maintenance mode is active".

maintenance mode message to admins.png

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