Engagement Surveys: Give feedback to users

You can give feedback to users for all qualitative questions of the question type "free text answer".

Give feedback

If your managers or admins want to give feedback, they must first select the qualitative question of the "Free text answer" question type from the campaign or question category and press the "Reply" button next to the answer to which they want to give feedback.



This feedback is sent by e-mail to the respective user.

Receive feedback

The user who receives the feedback can click on "Open chat" in the email to respond to the given feedback. The manager or admin receives this response accordingly as an email and can also view it within Haiilo under "Feedback" in the Engagement Surveys area.



Is the feedback from users always anonymous?

Yes, the feedback can only be given anonymously by the users. Only the managers and admins will be displayed with their names.

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