Answering users' Surveys feedback

You can respond to users' feedback for Text - Open answer questions. User feedback remains anonymous, while feedback from managers and admins is displayed with their names.

In Surveys > Feedback, managers and admins can view users' open-answer responses. The section can be filtered by:

  • Smart inbox: Contains conversations that managers and admins would most likely be interested in 
    • Unread conversations (not interacted at/or manually marked as unread)
    • Subscribed conversations
    • Replied conversations
  • Everything: Contains all conversations that managers and admins can access, regardless of which actions were done with the conversations. 

feedback section.png

Give feedback as a manager or admin

For each response, you can see the question and how many comments it has received, and you can mark it as read or subscribe/unsubscribe from it. To give feedback, you can:

  1. Select a user's response to open a feedback window
  2. Write your response and select Send

Your feedback is sent by email to the user. Your name will be visible to the user in your feedback. Managers or admins can view received and given feedback from Surveys > Feedback.


Receive feedback as a user

The user who receives the feedback email can read the message directly in the email, and if they wish to continue the conversation, they can select Open chat to respond to the given feedback. Managers and admins will be informed of new replies from users via email.

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