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Haiilo's Engagement Surveys is a 6th sense for every leader in your company and lets you gain actionable insights about your employees through intelligent surveys. Surveys help you understand your employees on a deeper level and allow you to create a workplace environment that inspires and motivates your team.

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These are the features and key points of Surveys:

  • Admin vs. Manager: Surveys has two roles: admin and manager. An admin has full rights, while a manager's view is limited to their own team. A team is determined by a supervisor relationship maintained in a user directory.¬†Learn more in this article:
  • Campaigns: The surveys sent from Haiilo are called campaigns. Every campaign is comprised of a set of questions. Learn more in this article:
  • Responses: Users can respond to surveys in the channels they receive them or in the user view for surveys in the platform. After responses start coming in, managers and admins can view responses on a global, question category, or campaign level. You can identify the questions on which you received the highest and lowest scores, compare repeating questions' responses to earlier campaigns, view results by filters, and use an AI Companion to help analyze your results. Learn more in these articles:
  • Feedback: Managers and admins can provide feedback on open-ended responses, allowing for further conversation with respondents. User feedback is anonymous, while feedback from managers and admins is identified by name. Users can view and discuss the feedback with their managers in the user view for Surveys. Learn more in these articles:
  • Settings: Surveys settings, including dashboard name, logo, users, filters, etc., can be managed by an admin with appropriate permission. Learn more in this article:
  • Anonymity: Surveys are 100% anonymous. Additionally, responses are only shown if at least five people have answered a question per filter. However, responses with less than five people will still be included in the overall results. We recommend ensuring you have at least five people per filter attribute to allow for optimal use of the results.

Surveys requires a hierarchy structure to assign users to filters according to profile fields and determine which manager can view specific survey responses for their team. To establish this hierarchy, Haiilo needs to be connected to an LDAP or Active Directory user directory. This connection enables user synchronization and allows the Superior/Manager profile field to be set in the user directory sync configuration.


These are the permissions related to Surveys:

  • "Surveys Admin Access": Allows full access to Surveys and all campaigns, questions, responses, and settings. We recommend this permission only be given to high-level admins.
  • "Access Surveys": Allows users Manager access, meaning they can see content assigned to their team. The users of a manager's team are controlled by the hierarchy imported from the user directory with the Superior/Manager option.

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