Multi Language (Add-on)

Haiilo is multilingual. With the help of the multi language in the standard version, you can individualize individual texts or integrate a provider such as DeepL for automatic translation.

With our paid multi-language add-on, you can also make apps and pages available in different languages and activate additional functions. This way, you can connect your team globally and provide company information in the language of the respective location. This way, none of your employees will be left out.

We explain here what multi language looks like with the add-on and which functions are available.

Activate multi language

First of all, you need a valid license key to add the add-on to your digital home and then you need to activate the add-on in the administration in the "General settings" section. This will enable (authorized) users to translate certain content in Haiilo into other languages (e.g. blog posts on pages). 


You can activate the available and desired languages in the administration under the item "Languages".


Translate blog-, wiki- and content-apps from pages

In Haiilo you can translate blog and wiki articles as well as content apps of pages. This functionality is connected with your editors' own work. Your users will then have a unified language in their digital home.


This feature is only available for pages and not for communities.

To use this function, you have to activate the translations on the desired pages. Either directly when creating the page or later under "Settings". At the top right, under the button "Activate translations," you can select all languages that are relevant to the respective page.


After that, you'll also have the option to publish in different languages in the blog, wiki, and content apps.

For example, you can write your blog article as usual. Once you have finished writing it, you simply select the next language and insert the text in the corresponding language. For the translations, you have to become active yourself.


For your employees, the article will appear in the language they have selected in their profile. This way, you can provide your employees with the company information in their language, depending on their location.

By the way, this option is not available in communities. Communities represent a workspace for projects. Within this project space, the employees themselves agree on a language in which they exchange information. 

Terms of use in different languages

Each user must confirm the terms of use when they first log in to Haiilo. For better understanding, you can provide them in the appropriate languages. This will help your users to quickly internalize the rules of the game.

Automatic translations for timeline posts

With the automatic translations of timeline posts, your users can easily and quickly translate posts that do not correspond to their language stored in Haiilo. The translation is done either with the service provider DeepL or Microsoft. We have documented how the whole thing works here.

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