The "save" (for later) function

Maybe you returned from vacation and were overwhelmed by the number of timeline posts, so you wished you had an easy way to mark the posts you want to read later? We got you covered with the  "save" function.

Users will see a bookmark-icon on their timeline, right next to the subscription bell on the right of a timeline post. If a user clicks on the icon, they will "save" that post for later. When an item is successfully saved, the icon appears filled in. If it is not saved, we show it empty.

Overview of saved items

Once a post has been saved for later, a small pop-up message will appear in the bottom left corner, telling the user not only that the save was successful, but also where their saved posts can be found. To make it as easy as possible for users, they can click on the message to jump directly to their saved posts.




The overview of all saved items can also be found in the user menu, which now contains „saved items". 




On the overview the user can find all saved content. The content is sorted by the date when it was saved, i.e. the articles that were saved last are at the top. This can potentially lead to older articles appearing at the top of the list and newer articles further down if the user saved them in this order.

The purpose of the overview is to provide a condensed view of all saved content. Therefore, the user cannot interact with it and there is no way to like, comment, report or similar the items from the overview. However, to interact with the item, the user can open it. Clicking on the saved item opens the detailed view of the timeline post or opens the shared content, such as the blog article or event.

Remove items

Of course, the user also needs the ability to remove saved items. For this purpose, click on the button "remove from list" at the top right of each item and it will be removed from the list of saved items.




To avoid accidental removals: The user can undo his action, as in the message of successful removal there is a small button to do that. When the user clicks the button, the removal is undone and the saved item is added back to the list. 

In the event that already saved content is deleted by the author or moderator, this content will also no longer be displayed in the overview. Instead, we show a notification that the user can remove by clicking. Similarly, if the user saves a post for which permissions are later revoked or if content is reported as inappropriate.

What can be saved

Timeline posts and shares can be saved for later. This means that a shared blog article can be saved when it shows up on the timeline. However, the blog article itself cannot be saved. 

The fact that we don't save the content, but the share, also means that a post that is shared multiple times can be saved multiple times. This can be relevant in case the share message is also of importance to the user.

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