Likes, comments, and mentions

Users can like and comment on (including mentioning other users with @) certain elements, provided they have appropriate permissions. These are the permissions for liking and commenting:

  • "Access and add likes": Allows users to like items.
  • "Write comments": Allows users to write comments, including mentioning users.
  • "Delete comments": Allows users to delete their own comments. Admins with this permission can delete other users' comments.


The following elements can be liked or commented on:

  • Timeline posts (including Multichannel posts). The "Access timeline on homepage" permission is required.
  • Blog articles
  • Wiki articles
  • Files
  • List items (only commenting)
  • Comments (enabling comments-on-comments)


You will receive notifications related to comments via the notification bell. When you comment on an element, you will automatically subscribe to it and receive updates when someone else comments on the same element.

If you mention a user, they will be notified of your mention but they won't be subscribed to the element automatically for future comments unless they manually subscribe or leave a comment themselves.

No one will receive notifications when users simply "like" an element. Additionally, those who press "like" won't receive any notifications when others "like" or comment on the post.

How to

  • To like an element, select Like¬†under it
  • To comment on an element, select the comment field and type in your comment. Then press Enter to send
  • To mention a user, select an element and input @ followed by part of the user's name. Select the user from the drop-down and then press Enter to send.

like, comment and mention on a timeline post.png

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