Comments in Haiilo

A social intranet like Haiilo thrives on interaction and dialog. That's why comments are a central element and one of the most important functions of the system. Comments can be marked with "Like", reported, subscribed to or commented or replied to.

What can be commented?

The following elements in Haiilo can be commented on:

  • Timeline posts
  • Blog articles
  • Wiki articles
  • Files
  • List items
  • Multichannel posts

How you will be notified

Just as with other elements in Haiilo, you will be notified of news related to your comments via a message in the bell (notifications). For example, as soon as you comment on a timeline post, you will automatically subscribe to it and stay up to date on everything.

You will be notified when someone else also comments on the same post, when someone "likes" your comment, or when you are "@mentioned" in a comment.

Commenting on comments

You can comment not only on the items listed above, but also on comments themselves. This way you can reply directly to individual comments, creating a visually coherent dialog/thread within the comments.

Of course, sub-comments are also captured by the global searcher and can be marked with "Like", reported or subscribed to. 

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