Haiilo API: Customize the order of modules in the navigation bar in the mobile app

With mobile app version 5.7.0, you can now arrange the individual modules in the top navigation bar of the mobile app in any order.

If the Timeline and News modules are activated, they are displayed in first place, starting on the left, by default. Using API access, you can now actively change this order and thus configure the start page(s) to the first position. If you use more than one start page for mobile use, they will be sorted as in the administration.

Technical description

The names of the corresponding parameters for the timeline and news modules are: "mobileTimelineTabButtonAtEnd" and "mobileNewsTabButtonAtEnd". Their valid values are "true" and "false".

By default, no value is set, which corresponds to "false" described above. This defines the corresponding module in the first place.

If one of these values is set to "true", the corresponding button will appear at the right end of the top navigation bar.


Step 1: Get a "CSRF token" and authenticate with the API using Paw, Postman or another API interaction platform.



Step 2: Call "/web/settings" via GET request to get all the settings and copy the JSON response.



Step 3: Copies the JSON response and adds one or two new parameters.



Step 4: Call "/web/settings" via PUT request to have the new JSON settings (previous and new parameters) inserted under "Body".



Done: After this last step, the settings are saved. The next time you open the mobile app, your changes should already be visible.

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