Custom domains in the Haiilo cloud

In Haiilo Cloud, you have the possibility to use your own individual domain.

All you need are the following requirements:

  1. Your Haiilo is hosted in the Haiilo cloud
  2. You are in possession of the "Custom Domain" add-on
  3. You are the owner of your own domain and have access to the DNS (Domain Name System) server responsible for the domain
  4. The configuration of the DNS server must allow Let's Encrypt to issue the certificates

If you meet all these requirements, you can start the setup.


Once the requirements are met, any user with the super admin permission status will see the appropriate section in Haiilo Administration (Administration > General Settings > Domain).


You can set up the custom domain as follows:

  1. First, enter the desired domain in the text field. You can freely choose this and it does not have to contain the term "coyocloud".
  2. Now you have to verify the domain. This is done in the Domain Name System (DNS server) of the selected domain on your end. Simply copy the desired domain into your DNS settings. Back in Haiilo, click on the button "Check DNS contribution".
  3. If everything goes smoothly, your Haiilo system will now find the domain in the DNS and can verify it. A certificate will be installed automatically by your Haiilo in the background.
  4. Finally, you can activate your new domain with one click.

Done! From now on, you can access your Haiilo through the new individual domain.


What happens to the previous URL?

After activating the custom domain, the old "" address will remain active. Users who still enter the old URL just at the beginning will be automatically redirected to the new custom domain.

That being said, we recommend communicating the URL change transparently before activation. For example, users of the mobile app should log out and log back in once after activating the new domain.

In addition to the custom domain, you can also set up a custom email address. You can find out everything you need to know about this here.

Does anything change by using a custom domain?

Please note that you may have to share another IP address internally if you use a custom domain. You can read more about this here: Permanent IP addresses in the Haiilo Cloud.

If you are using a white label app, please contact our service desk before activating the custom domain, so that the app can be adapted for an upcoming app version.

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