On-Prem: Authenticating to the PostgreSQL database

This article refers to the on-premises installation of Haiilo.

Queries against your database should only be executed by colleagues with detailed expertise! If you run DELETE or UPDATE queries against the database and this causes errors within the product, the support warranty expires

With a PostgreSQL query against your database you have the possibility to analyze different queries around data from your users.

With the following queries we redirect you to the Postgres container:

sudo docker exec -it coyo_coyo-db_1 psql --username=!COYO_DB_USER! !COYO_DB_NAME!

Now you can list the schemas:


The output should look something like this:

List of schemas

Name | Owner
coyo_metadata | !COYO_DB_USER!
public | postgres
(3 rows)

At this point you set the search_path:

SET search_path TO coyo_!TENANT_ID!;

This makes the output more readable:


Now you execute your statement:

SELECT * FROM search_value;

Leave your database with "CTRL+D".

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