Managing hero teasers

With the hero teaser, you can effortlessly showcase essential topics at the top of a homepage. The hero teaser settings and capabilities differ depending on the module(s) you use.

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  • Create a hero teaser

    You need to have the "Manage hero teasers" permission to create and manage hero teasers.

    1. Select Manage hero teaser from your user profile drop-down
    2. Select Create new hero teaser
    3. Enter a name for your hero teaser
    4. Add a primary teaser. The primary teaser is fixed at the start of your hero teaser and cannot be moved or removed.
      1. Upload an image (mandatory). The primary teaser image should be in a ratio of 2:1, e.g., 1200 × 599px.
      2. Enter alternative text (optional). The alt-text is read by screen readers, making the content of the image accessible to people with visual or cognitive impairments.
      3. Enter a headline (optional). This is displayed on top of the teaser image. If your teaser image is light, a darker background is added so the text will display.
      4. Enter a subline (optional). This is displayed on top of the teaser image.
      5. Enter a URL that the user is directed to when clicking on the teaser (optional). You can also decide whether the URL should open in a new tab.
    5. Add secondary teasers. A new empty secondary teaser appears after you've uploaded an image in the previous one. A secondary teaser image should be in a ratio of 4:5, e.g., 480 × 599px.
      • If you have several secondary teasers, you can move them within the hero teaser by the arrows or delete them by the trash icon under the teasers.
      • If you add many secondary teasers, an arrow icon can appear on the hero teaser on the home page to allow the user to slide through the hero teaser to see the teasers.

    6. Select Save to create your hero teaser

    The content in a teaser is fixed and doesn't adapt to a user's language preferences. However, if you link to an element inside Haiilo, e.g., a page or community, these will respect a user's language preferences.

    Add a hero teaser to a homepage

    To edit a homepage, you must either be its editor or have "Access moderator mode" permission.

    1. Select Enable Edit view from your user profile drop-down
    2. Add a hero teaser
      • If the homepage doesn't yet have a hero teaser in place, you can select Add hero teaseradd hero teaser.png
      • If the homepage has a hero teaser in place, select the   icon in the upper left corner of the teaser
    3. Select the hero teaser you want to add from the pop-up
    4. Select Save in the edit bar at the bottom of the platform

    hero teaser homepage.png

    If there are additional secondary teasers that do not fit in the browser window, an arrow icon will appear on the hero teaser. The user can then use the arrow to view the rest of the secondary teasers.

    The hero teaser is visible in the Haiilo mobile app when the homepage that has a hero teaser is activated for the mobile app.

  • When creating a multichannel post in the Studio, you can select Show in "Hero Teaser" to feature the post's title, body, and image as set in the post teaser.

    A multichannel post can be added to the hero teaser if:

    • You have the "Target any audience" permission and have set the audience as Everyone
    • The post isn't provided in multiple languages. Only single-language posts can be added to the hero teaser.

    If no hero teaser exists on your platform at the time you select the option and publish the post, a hero teaser is created and displayed automatically on the homepage. If a hero teaser exists, the new post is added to it.

    There can be four posts shown on the hero teaser at a time. If a fifth post is added, the oldest post is pushed off the hero teaser from the right to make room for the new one. A post can also be removed from the hero teaser by editing the post and deselecting the option.

    Hero teaser for Multichannel Communication + Modern Intranet

    If you use both the Multichannel Communication and Modern Intranet modules, then a hero teaser isn't added automatically to your homepage. Instead, a new hero teaser is created and needs to be added to a homepage as any Intranet hero teaser. However, the hero teaser will be automatically named "Story", and it cannot be edited. As soon as a post is added to the hero teaser in the Studio, it will be automatically added to it.

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