The latest blog articles widget

The "Latest blog articles" widget is used to disseminate blog posts (e.g. company news). It always displays the most recent blog posts. The ideal place for the widget is always somewhere central such as the homepage.

Integrating the widget

To integrate the widget you must have the general “Create and manage global widgets” right. You then activate “Edit layout” mode and add the widget in the required position with the green “+” symbol. You will find the widget in the widget catalog under the “Dynamic widgets” tab. The small smartphone icon in front of the widget indicates that the “Latest blog posts” can also be accessed as native in your Haiilo app.

Setting options

When you select the widget, you have various setting options available:


  • Selecting the blog apps from which articles should be displayed: 

    • From all pages and communities in your digital home, irrespective of the user’s subscriptions.

    • Selected blog apps specified by the admin.

  • With the option “Display subscribed blogs only”, the promoted articles on the pages and communities are limited to those of which your users are members.

  • Filter by hashtag is a great way to create topic-related collections of posts.

  • You have a free choice of the number of blog posts for which you want to display teasers. (50 max possible)

  • Choose whether images and a teaser text should appear, or just the heading.

  • Display type gives you various options. Various designs are suitable here, depending on the placement of the widget and type of news.

A blog post is advertised only when it is published in the widget. If you have updated an old blog post, it will not be displayed again in the widget.

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