The recommended blog articles widget

With this widget, you have the opportunity to draw your users’ attention to content that matches their interests.

In this widget, all the blog articles across Haiilo that can be found in relation to the interests of a user are displayed. This is done irrespective of their page subscriptions and community memberships. A user therefore has the opportunity to find news and articles that they would not otherwise have seen.

Two conditions must be met to be able to use this widget:

  1. Active use of hashtags in your digital home.

  2. Initiative on the part of your users to subscribe to hashtags.

Integrating the widget

You need the relevant editing rights to be able to integrate the widget. As an admin, you activate “Edit layout” via your profile and open the widget catalog at the required position via the green plus symbol.

Under the “Personal widgets” heading, you will find the “Recommended blog posts” widget.


You then set the display for the recommended blog articles:

  • the number of recommended articles,
  • the presentation option with image and/or teaser text
  • and the type of display. 

It is advisable to adjust the type of display to the page layout. If you insert the widget where there is not much width, it’s better to choose a list view. In a position that uses the entire width, cards or a slider can be used.

Requirements for the widget

The widget is based on hashtags. Active use of hashtags, especially for blog posts, is therefore the first prerequisite. Below each blog post, you have an extra field in which to add hashtags. Type in the main terms here and confirm them with Enter. These keywords are linked to the widget. An appropriate blog post can therefore be suggested to your users.



The second prerequisite is the personal subscription of your users. If a user has not subscribed to any hashtags, this widget will not display any blog posts. Haiilo draws your attention to this and asks about your users’ interests:


Your users have the opportunity to subscribe directly to hashtags here using the buttons.

Subscribing to hashtags

Haiilo relies heavily on your users’ initiative. In addition to page subscriptions and community memberships, your users also manage their hashtag subscriptions themselves. Your users have two options here:

  1. Click on “Notifications” on the dropdown menu under the profile image. Under the final item on the menu, the hashtags for which you want to be notified can be managed. The same applies to the Recommended blog posts widget.


  2. Once a hashtag has been published, it works like a link. If you click on the hashtag of your choice, the search results page is opened. All of the content that has ever appeared with this hashtag is displayed. Immediately next to the keyword, you have the option to subscribe to the hashtag:


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