Managing your subscription

You can see the information related to your Haiilo subscription and license from Administration > Subscription if you have the "Manage License/Subscription" permission. You can see:

  • Your license status. An "Invalid" or "Exceeded" warning may appear if you exceed the platform's user limit or have an unpaid invoice past its due date.
  • Your user limit, i.e., the number of active and unused users in your license. All active users (both external and local users) are counted towards your license. Inactive, hidden, and deleted/anonymized users aren't counted. It can take up to an hour for changes to your active users to show.
  • Your storage limit, i.e., the amount of data used and still available. The storage limit for a platform is based on the number of users: 1GB of storage per user license. If you need additional storage space, contact your Haiilo Account Manager for assistance.
  • Your purchased add-ons/products.

subscription page in the administration.png

If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact your Haiilo Account Manager for assistance.

In invoice-related matters, such as receiving old invoices or changing billing information, please contact

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