Contract, license & invoices

We will answer the most important questions about contracts, licenses & invoices here.

How can we receive past invoices?

If you ever want to have invoices from the past or don't have any anymore, you can let us know at

How can we change our billing address, contact information and/or payment information?

If you ever want to change your billing address, contact information and/or payment information, you can also let us know at We'll be happy to do it for you.

How can we change the license size?

You have the option to change your license size. Please note that we have a defined license model. You can find out here in what increments can you expand or reduce your licenses.

As a cloud customer, you can make changes on a monthly basis; as an OnPremises customer annually. In this case, please contact us and create a ticket in our service desk. Our qualified colleagues will assist you with your concern. Please refer to this article in your ticket.

Which users are included in the license?

All active users (both external and local users) are counted towards your license. This means that all inactive, hidden, and deleted/anonymized users are not counted.


It can take up to an hour for a change in the number of users to be shown in the license.

How can we book more storage for our cloud environment?

The amount of data for a Cloud instance is based on the number of users. We generally assign 1 GB of storage space per user license.

What does this mean? We add up the number of users and apply this as a storage value for your entire instance.


For 50 users, you get 50 GB of storage space for the entire instance. For 100 users, you get 100 GB of storage space for the entire instance.

Do you need more storage space? That’s no problem! Additional storage space can be booked. Just contact our account management if needed.

Do we need the license for the onpremise installation?

No, the license key is needed only after Haiilo Home is installed.

What are the special aspects of an onpremise license?

We have written down all the special aspects in this article: OnPremise license.

Error message: "Your license is invalid. Please contact your administrator."

This error message can have two causes.

Cause number 1

Firstly, the message shows whether the maximum number of users that you’ve ordered matches the number of users in your interface. If this has been exceeded, the error message above will appear.
For our Haiilo Cloud clients: 
  • Your Haiilo is hosted in the Cloud – licensing takes place here completely automatically, you don’t need to enter anything yourself.
  • If an error message appears, this shows you that you are currently under-licensed. This means: You have more users on your platform than shown in your order. In this case, you need to order out a license extension through our Account Management.
For our Haiilo OnPremise clients: 
  • The license check takes place automatically. As you host your Haiilo yourself, you only need to enter the license key in the administration area.
  • Once the license check ends with a positive result, the red error message will disappear.

Cause number 2

The message also shows whether there’s an unpaid invoice. The warning is not shown within your term of payment. However, once the term of payment has passed, the warning is automatically activated.

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