On-premises to Cloud migration

If you use Haiilo on-premises, you can migrate to the Haiilo Cloud through us. How the steps of migration work, what we migrate, and all further details about the migration process can be found in this article.

The migration to the Haiilo Cloud is only possible from the current on-premises version 42; a return to on-premises is not possible afterward.

Steps of a Haiilo Cloud migration


Please contact us through your account management contact if you are interested in a migration and if you do not have a direct account manager, you can alternatively submit a ticket directly through our Haiilo Service Desk (Contacting Haiilo's Service Desk).

Ticket & preparation call

We will create a ticket for you via our Service Desk, in which we will plan and track the entire migration process. There, we will also schedule a joint preparation meeting between the project manager on your side, your technical contact, our technicians, and a contact from our Customer Service Team. In this meeting, we will go over the individual details and initial questions regarding your upcoming migration to the Haiilo Cloud.

Requirements & preparation

The most important thing is which Haiilo version you are currently on and how much memory your Haiilo occupies. Your Haiilo must be at least on version 42.4.0, and depending on the memory size, the migration time may be longer. If you cannot update to this version yourself, one of our partners can also do it for you.

Furthermore, the following conditions need to be given for our technicians:

  1. Our technicians have access via SSH to your current Haiilo On-Premises server already one day before each migration
  2. Your current Haiilo On-Premises server has access to the Internet
  3. Please create a local user account, including superadmin permissions for us in your On-Premises tenant, and please provide us with the login credentials. 

Before the migrations, we recommend that you test external connections for authentication (SSO) and user provisioning (LDAP) in a demo instance. We will provide you with this platform if required during the planning process. In addition, you should have already thought about which Haiilo subdomain (*.haiilo.app) you would like to use afterward. We can reserve the URL accordingly if it has not already been taken.

Test migration & productive migration

In total, we will perform two migrations. In both migrations, we will use your productive data, but we will migrate it once into a test environment and once into your new productive environment in the Haiilo Cloud. The test migration serves, on the one hand, to identify possible issues of your Haiilo and, on the other hand, to give you time to check your external connections with the Haiilo Cloud infrastructure on your own before the productive Cloud migration.

Duration & Downtime

We need two working days for each migration. However, only the productive migration will cause downtime for your users. Please communicate this internally accordingly.

Please note that after the migration, you may have to change your external connections so Haiilo can work in the Cloud. During these changes, users may not be able to log in to the migrated Haiilo tenant.

Procedure - test migration

On the day of the test migration, we will access your current On-Premises server via SSH and export the required data to our test infrastructure. This is not connected with any downtime of your Haiilo and will usually not be noticed by you. When we are done with the test migration, we will inform you accordingly so you can test your external connections in the respective test environment before your productive migration. 

Procedure - productive migration

On the day of the productive migration, we will access your current server via SSH and export the required data to our productive Cloud infrastructure. This is connected with a downtime of your Haiilo, which you should announce internally to your users beforehand so that the development of a data delta between your old On-Premises and your new Cloud platform can be provided.
When we are done migrating your platform, you will be notified so you can set up your external connections. The old Haiilo On-Premises, including the server you leave from then on, will stop and be switched off because only the Haiilo Cloud platform should be used.

What will be migrated?

Content All contents of your Haiilo (except your own translations via API) remain after the migration.
Customizing We do not take over any customizings. Please remove them beforehand so that we can perform the migrations accordingly. Otherwise, we will have to cancel the migration.
Links We will adjust internal links to the new URL via the database. This refers to widget links (e.g., buttons) and article text links. An adjustment of, e.g., posts on the timeline or home page links is not possible. We cannot guarantee that all links have been replaced without exception.

What changes after the Cloud Migration?


You should inform your employees and colleagues that your Haiilo will be unavailable from 9 am during the productive migration and that you will have a new URL (*.haiilo.app) afterward.

If you want to continue using your old domain, you can order the "Custom Domain" add-on from us. Ask for it directly at the planning stage.

Maintenance work/


Via the Haiilo Status Page, we inform you in real-time about version updates or the current state of the Haiilo Cloud. We recommend subscribing to the page. You will then receive automated emails when version updates, maintenance work, and other information are announced.
Version All Haiilo Cloud users are always on the latest Haiilo version. You no longer have to make any manual effort.

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