Generate reach with hashtags

Hashtags are used to create keywords and are set with the # symbol. Messages and content related to a specific topic are then linked and can be found easily. Hashtags usually appear in lower case and a combination of several words is not uncommon. A hashtag cannot include any spaces and must consist only of letters and numbers.

We recommend making active use of hashtags for your posts. You have the option to add hashtags under every blog article.


These hashtags are displayed to your readers under the article and are used as a link to all articles and posts where the same hashtag is used. So use catchy hashtags appropriate to the topic.


Set hashtags for recurring topics across teams. This ensures that messages are linked effectively.

Users who open the links via the hashtags or enter a hashtag in a search will easily find all the articles associated with the topic. Wiki entries and timeline posts are also included. 

You can display the most popular hashtags on your homepage with the hashtag widget.

Users who are interested in specific topics can subscribe to the hashtags via their profile and will receive a notification via the bell every time it is mentioned. That’s another reason why we advise using catchy hashtags.


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