Launchpad links widget

The Launchpad widget makes the personal and company links in your launchpad even more accessible. You can integrate the widget wherever you can adapt the layout. It displays the same categories and corresponding links per category as the launchpad itself does.

Before you can integrate the widget, you need to activate and update the launchpad via the administration.

Set up the widget

The following options are available when configuring the widget:

  • Limit: Select the number of links that should be displayed per category at a glance. If you want to see more links per category, select Show more.
  • Add link: Depending on your permissions, you can add links per category by selecting the + icon. While users typically can add personal links, adding company-wide or group-specific links is a task for editors and admins.
  • Add to favorites: Mark a displayed launchpad link as a favorite by hovering over the link and selecting the star icon.

Launchpad links.png

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