Launchpad Widget

The launchpad in Haiilo offers a clearly structured way of making official company links available to all users.

You can create categories here and set up various links for each user group. Before you can integrate the widget, you must activate and update the launchpad via the administration. How to do this is explained in the article: The launchpad.

Integrating the launchpad

You can integrate the launchpad widget wherever you can adapt the layout. The most common location for this is the Homepage.

Activate the “Edit layout” option (you must have the right for this) and select the launchpad links under the personal widgets in the widget catalogue.



You then have the option to set the maximum number of links per category. All the categories that are enabled for the user in question are then displayed in the launchpad widget.

If you have a lot of links, it is advisable to cut the display down to 3–5 links. Other links can always be accessed via the “Show more” button.



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