Use cases for Haiilo Analytics

With Haiilo Analytics, you can easily view the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your platform at a glance. Performance indicators can offer valuable insights and ongoing monitoring to help track achievements. Here are some examples of where Haiilo Analytics can assist you.


Cleaning is required on a social intranet. Your intranet grows over time, and the larger it becomes, the more the content loses its context. It is therefore worth cleaning your Haiilo – and Haiilo Analytics will help you with that.

A look at visits in the page and community overview helps you to identify which pages or communities in your Haiilo are of interest and which are not visited at all. This is your opportunity to archive unneeded pages or communities and to check what is missing from pages or why a community is not (or no longer) of interest to users.

In this way, you can create leaner structures in the page and community overview and provide the pages and communities that your users really need. You’ll thank us for it!


The reach of company news

Do you have some important news in your company? Do you want to find out how many employees have heard it? The “Reach" KPI can help you with this.

Reach tells you how many employees have seen a post. Measuring this against your user numbers will reveal what percentage of your employees you have reached.


Monitoring achievements

With Haiilo Analytics, you can monitor the success of your activities at all times. Of course, it depends on where your focus lies and what measures you have taken. For example, you may have been encouraging users to make more use of the interaction options, such as likes and comments. You can see the effectiveness of this measure by the interactions with individual content, but also in the overview for a page, with the help of the “Average engagement rate”. This KPI might then indicate that the content is not suitable for your target audience(s).


With an appropriate selection of periods, you can see if there have been more likes and comments recently and your measures have paid off. A comparison of two periods is always the best way to identify developments at different points.


That applies to visits, engagement rate, reach, and other KPIs.

Content type analysis

Timeline post or blog article? Which type of communication reaches the most users? Haiilo Analytics provides the answer. A look at content performance on the global dashboard is always particularly interesting.


This can provide insights that you can adapt for communication on individual pages. Or you can try out both communication elements on a page and find out whether the timeline or the blog reaches more employees.

With the aid of content performance, you can see at a glance what interests your readers: which content has gone down well and which less so? A look at the content tells you where the differences lie in terms of what they cover, style, and target audience. This allows you to draw conclusions that can be adapted to other content and so improve its performance. You can see the feedback of your users at all times in content performance. 

Active users

Always keep an eye on the number of active users per week. With the aid of Haiilo Analytics, you can see how the number changes and identify reasons why more users were online in week 4 than in week 5.


A look at content performance can also help to identify certain topics that were of high relevance to your users.

Or perhaps you have launched an activation campaign in the company and want to check how many active users your platform had in the week of the campaign.

Another interesting function: the overview of active unique users shows you how many users active in the last 28 days have been active in the last 24 hours or the last seven days. If you compare the figures, you can see what percentage of monthly users come back every day or every week.

Reaching target groups

Not every piece of news is of equal importance or relevance to everyone. Information about a new sales process, for example, is important mainly for sales staff. Using the audience for your page in Haiilo, you can see who has consumed your content and whether the right target audience has been reached.


An important prerequisite for good evaluations of the audience is that departments are set up correctly and consistently in the profiles.


Encouraging interaction

Leave emails behind and move towards chat messaging and communities. In Haiilo Analytics, you can see how many chat messages have been sent and get a sense of how well the feature is being used. You can also look at the trend over time. The same applies to communities: how many visits do communities get, how is the content performing in communities, and who is using them? Both KPIs are a good indicator of how good the interaction is in your Haiilo instance


As a result, your understanding of your platform and the behavior of your users continually increases.

Active user groups

Which user groups or locations use Haiilo the most? On the dashboard, you can see the proportion of active users accounted for by each department or location.


An important prerequisite for good evaluations of the audience is that departments and locations are set up correctly and consistently in the profiles.


The ratio of pure consumers to interacting users


The time diagram is a simple way for you to see how many daily users your platform has had. Trends can also be identified or – as here – a consistent sideways trend becomes clear. But we also provide another indicator, shown by the green line here: the number of interacting users. This tells you how many of the active users (the blue line) have really interacted with content on the platform, e.g., with likes, comments, or similar interactions. The aim is clear: to bring the green line as close as possible to the blue line.

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