Use case: Show company anniversaries

An employee who has been with the company for a long time should naturally be recognized for this. In Haiilo, you can show these on the homepage with an RTE widget.

The prerequisite is that you have the permission "Manage homepages".

  • Activate "Edit view" mode in the dropdown in your profile.
  • You can add the Rich text editor widget anywhere you choose using the plus sign with the green background.
  • Design the widget according to your preferences.
    • You can, for example, add a picture using the plus with the three dots.

This method of presenting those celebrating anniversaries on the homepage involves manual work. We recommend giving at least two colleagues the permission so that no months are forgotten if the manager happens to be on vacation. 

The RTE gives you creative freedom. 

  • You can link directly to colleagues. To do this, activate the name and insert the colleague’s profile via the link button.
  • The number of anniversary years can be added or shortened as you like.
  • You can optionally enter start dates.

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