Mobile App: Chat

The Haiilo mobile app also serves as a secure chat alternative for your company. Instead of using traditional messengers in your daily work, you can use the Haiilo app to communicate in compliance with the GDPR.


Basically, the chat in the app works exactly the same way as it does in the browser view. This means that if a user has access to the chat in the browser, they will also have it within the app.

There are only two special features here: Delete messages and voice messages.

Delete chats

A chat in Haiilo Home cannot be deleted in the web interface. There is a difference to this in the mobile app. Individual chat messages can be deleted via the app. 

To delete a message, select the message and press and hold it. You will then be given the choice "Copy" or "Delete". Then you have to confirm this process once again.

It doesn't matter what kind of message it is. You can delete text messages, voice messages or pictures. A notice that a message has been deleted from the location is always displayed.


Voice messages

There is not always time to write down everything in the chat. Within the mobile app, you can also communicate via voice messages. 

To do this, simply open the desired chat and tap the microphone icon once. When you are done recording your voice message, you can either send it or delete it.


Listening to voicemails can only be done via the mobile app. In the browser view, you will receive a notification that you have received a voice message:


Voice messages do not require a separate right and are available for all users. Thus, it is currently also not possible to deactivate receiving and sending.

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