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With the Haiilo mobile app, your home pages are natively accessible. Home pages are the gateway to your digital home and deliver news and updates to your target audience.

Configuration & Permissions

In your administration, under the " Homepages" tab, you can define whether a home page should be displayed in the browser and/or in the app. If you have more than one start page, you have the option to make the start page especially mobile-oriented for your users.



A homepage can only be enabled for the app if the homepage does not have a custom URL.

Please note that all necessary permissions must also be enabled for your users to access your homepages in the app:

  1. General > Access homepages
  2. COYO Mobile App > Enable homepages module


The structure of a homepage in the app is slightly different from that of your browser view. First of all, the homepage, timeline and news are individual modules and do not converge on one page. However, a navigation bar allows you to access the other modules/homepages via a slider.


Your home pages are built with widgets, which are viewed in a "Z-shape" in the web version of the homepage, starting at the top row, moving from the left column to the right column, and within each column from top to bottom.



This homepage would look like this in the mobile app:


Native widgets

The app's homepage structure is slightly different from the browser's homepage structure because we have some native widgets that can be fully used in the app.

You can read about which ones here.


All other non-native widgets will not be displayed.

Show/Hide widgets

The basic rule for mobile display is simple:

The elements are arranged according to the common reading direction (from left to right) from the top downwards.

In this example, for our homepage we have an HTML widget with embedded Google Maps map, the welcome widget, a teaser, the latest news and a timeline.


Depending on how you set up your homepage, however, the overview may suffer for mobile devices. Exactly for this case, there is the possibility to hide certain, less important, or elements that require large amounts of data volume.


You need the rights to edit homepage and its layout.

First, activate the "Edit layout" function on a page where you want to show or hide a widget. To edit a single element, move the mouse pointer over your widget and the editing options will open. By clicking on the icon with the crossed-out cell phone, the elements will no longer be displayed on all mobile devices.


In normal mode you can't see if an element is visible on mobile or not. If you have switched on the edit mode, you can recognize the hidden elements by the red marked mobile icon.


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