Haiilo Lab features

With the Lab, new or changed functionalities in Haiilo can be tested by admins and users even before the official release.

Alongside our roadmap, we give you a further option here to shape Haiilo with us and give us feedback at an early stage. With the Lab, we can offer early access to small parts that have already been developed, without waiting for the full release.

If the development of a Lab feature has reached the final stage, the "productive state", it is removed from the Lab and made available in full for your digital home.

Current features in the lab

You can see which features are currently in the lab in your Haiilo in the administration under "Features".

Activate a feature in the lab

You can activate or deactivate a Lab feature in the Administration within your Haiilo.


The Lab is deactivated by default. The permission "Manage features" is required to activate experimental features in the Lab.

If you want to use the Lab, you can activate this with a few clicks in Administration under "Features".

Under "Features", you can choose between activating Apps, Widgets, and the Lab. On the third tab, simply activate the Lab with the slider:


The good thing is that you can decide for yourself which of the beta features you want to test. If the Lab is activated as a whole, you can decide per feature whether you want to take part in the development.

Give feedback

We rely on your feedback. To make sure your requests, ideas, and any bugs reach our developers directly, please get in touch with us via the roadmap.

Why should you use the Lab?

It does not make sense to activate the Lab for every customer. You need to consider whether you want to make functionalities available to you and your users in the beta version.

Please note the following aspects:

  • If the Lab is activated, each of your users participates. Good communication towards your colleagues is important here. As it concerns functions in the beta stage, there may be presentation difficulties or bugs present in one or two areas.
  • If you have a test environment or a UAT, this is the perfect place to activate the Lab feature: This allows your colleagues to test new functions in detail in the test environment and submit feedback directly via the Roadmap if they notice anything.

For us, this is a further opportunity to develop Haiilo according to your preferences. Changes to existing functionalities are thus made available "unfinished" so you can test them and give us feedback. "Unfinished" in this case means that the design may not yet be complete and the features might still have some bugs or a missing functionality. These are beta functionalities. However, they are safe to use and are not having any negative impact on the stability or performance of the platform. 

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