Release notes, product updates, and the roadmap

For access to release notes, the roadmap, product updates, and tips from the Haiilo team and other customers, join the Client Community! After you've received your access, you can log in from

Release notes and product updates

We publish a summary of the changes for every release. Our newsletter, which comes out before a new release is published, describes new main functions and informs all (Cloud) customers about the go-live date. You can subscribe to the newsletter per module at the bottom of this page.


Our product roadmap gives you insight into our product development. You can see which features we will develop, are currently developing, and have already released. The roadmap is available inside the Client Community.

You can also contribute your ideas or stay up to date on our development. You can submit ideas via this form in the Community. Anonymous submission isn't possible, and there are two reasons for this:

  1. This way, you'll always be up to date on what's happening with your idea: whether it's been accepted, whether it's being linked to an existing feature as an insight when it's in development, or even when it's been released. You will automatically receive an email telling you which product development phase the idea is in.
  2. If we have any questions about an idea, we want to know who it came from so we can contact you.

The more ideas and insights we get from you, the better we can design Haiilo for you. We read every idea submitted and evaluate it based on various criteria. However, not every submitted idea will be included in the product or appear on the roadmap.

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