Release Notes, Cloud Status, User Community, Roadmap & API Documentation

We have listed the most important pages for Haiilo and their function here.

Release Notes

We publish a summary of the changes for every release, so this is where you can find all the details.

Our newsletter comes out shortly before the new release is published, and describes all of the new functions and informs all (Cloud) customers about the date of the update. You can subscribe to the various newsletters here.

Cloud Status

We use a dedicated status page for our cloud, which gives you information in real time. Once maintenance work has been announced, there’s restricted availability or even an outage, you’ll automatically receive an e-mail.

Have you not yet registered? Then simply register here to keep up to date.

User Community

We have created a user community that offers you the following benefits:

  • Participate in discovery conversations, submit ideas, and provide feedback
  • Stay informed about new product updates in real time
  • Participate in events and webinars
  • Connect with other customers and share industry best practices and challenges

If you don't already have access to the user community, you can request it here:

User Community


As our customers, you can make yourselves heard: Our product roadmap makes it possible for you to contribute your ideas or simply stay up to date on developments. You will be automatically informed about updates once you’ve submitted feedback. This allows you to directly keep track of which features and improvements we are planning to add in the near future.

The product roadmap gives you an insight into our product development. You can see which features we will develop, are currently developing and have already released. The roadmap is divided exactly according to these phases.

So do you have ideas? Wishes, which functionality should be included in the product? You can submit them via our form. With this function you can send your product ideas directly to the right department at Haiilo! In German or English - as you like it!

Please note that anonymous submission of ideas is not possible. There are two reasons for this: 

  1. This way, you'll always be up to date on what's happening with your idea: whether it's been accepted, whether it's being linked to an existing feature as an insight, when it's in development, or even when it's been released. You will automatically receive an e-mail telling you which phase of product development the idea is in.
  2. If we have any queries about an idea, we want to know who it came from so we can contact you.

The more ideas and insights we get from you, the better we can design Haiilo for you.


We read every idea submitted and evaluate it based on various criteria. However, not every submitted idea will be included in the product or appear on the roadmap.

API Documentation

You can find the REST API documentation for each major/minor version here.

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