On-Prem: Troubleshooting Elasticsearch

We use Elasticsearch in many areas. It's possible that the service may become sluggish if the load becomes too great. 

A visible example of this is if Kibana doesn’t function and displays the following page: "Elasticsearch is still initializing the kibana Index" or "Elasticsearch plugin is red"


If Kibana is in this state, it can’t be used as Elasticsearch is busy with other activities. 

We recommend the following measures to counteract this:

  1. Increase these values in the .env by 1g
    # The ElasticSearch heap size

    # The ELK (log aggregation) ElasticSearch heap size
  2. If, after restarting Haiilo, the service is still busy, it will continue processing data for Kibana. 
    If the process doesn’t automatically end after a few minutes, you can purge the data in coyo-data/es-logs. You can also reduce the value for how long the data for Kibana is retained in the .env
    # Keep logs for how many days (12 weeks * 7 days = 84 days)

If you’ve performed by steps, it should now be possible to access Kibana again. 

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