Setting up a Microsoft Teams integration (Intranet - Private Cloud)

With Haiilo's Microsoft add-on, you can allow your users to easily access their platform's content through Teams by viewing their platform homepages directly in the app. Also, users receive notifications for new blog articles. They will see the blog's title, teaser text, and image and can easily open Haiilo from Teams to read the full article.

To show both Haiilo homepages and receive new blog article notifications on Microsoft Teams, you need to complete steps in both Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft authentication and an activated Microsoft add-on are required to use the Microsoft Teams integration functionalities. Please complete the Microsoft authentication setup and add-on activation before proceeding with these tutorials.

Configure the Microsoft app

You need admin rights in your Microsoft Entra ID account to configure the app.

Update the manifest and define API permissions

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure Platform.
  2. Go to Microsoft Entra ID > App registrations > select the app that you created when setting up the Microsoft authentication and add-on for Haiilo
  3. Update the manifest
    1. Go to Manifest
    2. Adjust the attribute for "accessTokenAcceptedVersion" to 2. The default value is null in some versions, and this needs to be 2.
  4. Define API permissions
    1. Go to API permissions > Add permissions
    2. Select Microsoft Graph > Delegated permissions
    3. Check that the following permissions are set up:
      • email
      • offline_access
      • openid
      • profile
      • User.Read
    4. Select Grant admin consent for app_name for the added permissions and ensure the status for all permissions is marked Granted for your_tenant.

Add a scope and client application

  1. Add a scope
    1. Go to Expose an API > Add scope
    2. In the field Application ID URI, add your Haiilo domain and Microsoft application ID in this format:
      • api://your_haiilo-domain/applicationId . Example: api://
    3. Select Save and Continue.
    4. If the Application ID URI is successfully updated, another pop-up will appear. Fill out the fields as follows:
      • Scope name: access_as_user
      • Who can consent: Admins only
      • Admin consent display name: access_as_user
      • Admin consent description: access_as_user
      • State: Enabled
    5. Select Add Scope 
    6. Confirm that the new Application ID URI is added (this URl is always built as api://your_haiilo-domain/applicationId).
  2. Add a client application
    1. In the same section as above (Expose an API), select Add a client application.
    2. Add both these Client IDs one by one:
      • For the mobile and desktop MS Teams app: 1fec8e78-bce4-4aaf-ab1b-5451cc387264
      • For the browser MS Teams app: 5e3ce6c0-2b1f-4285-8d4b-75ee78787346
    3. Select the checkbox to authorize the Client ID for the scope you created above
    4. Select Add Application
    5. Repeat once for the other Client ID. Both are required.

Create a custom Teams app

You need admin rights in your Microsoft Teams account to create an app.

Define basic information and branding

  1. Download the application package at the bottom of this article.
  2. Log in to the Developer Portal in Microsoft Teams
  3. Go to Apps > Import app and choose the recently downloaded app. If you get asked if you want to replace or duplicate the app, please select Replace.Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 14.48.41.png
  4. In Basic Information, customize at least the following fields:
    • Short name: Give your app a name that is recognizable to your users
    • Short and Long description: Provide a description of the app and what it does
    • Version: Set to 1.0.0. from the start
    • Developer information: This should reference your company as the developer.
      • In Developer or company name, enter your company's legal name
      • In Website, enter your company's website URL
    • Privacy policy: Enter a URL leading to your Privacy Policy
    • Terms of use: Enter a URL leading to your Terms of Use
    • Application (client) ID: Enter the ID of your Microsoft Entra ID app that you configured earlier. This is required for the authentication on MS Teams' side.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Go to Branding and edit the Color icon, Outline icon, and Accent color to match your platform's branding.

Define app features

  1. Enable Homepages functionality
    1. Go to App Features > Personal App
    2. For the Home tab, select the three dots > Edit
    3. Configure it as follows:
      • Content URL: https://your_haiilo_domain/web/teams/teams-tab
      • Website URL: https://your_haiilo_domain
      • Scope: personal
      • Context: personalTab
    4. Select Confirm

    5. Select Save
  2. Enable blog notification functionality
    1. Go to App Features > Bot
    2. Select Create a new bot > New bot. You cannot use the default Haiilo bot in Private Cloud.
    3. Give your bot a name
    4. In Configure, enter the Endpoint address. The start of the endpoint address consists of your Haiilo platform URL followed by the ending /web/teams/api/messages. For example,
    5. In Client secrets, select Add a client secret for your bot. Copy the secret value for later use.
    6. Go back to your Teams app > App Features > Bot
    7. Select your newly created bot in Select an existing bot
    8. Select Personal as the scope
    9. Select Add a command and add the following commands with Personal as the scope:
      • Sign In
      • Sign Out
    10. Select Save

Private cloud bot in MS Teams app.png

Finalize Teams app

  1. Go to Single sign-on
    1. Enter the Application URI ID that you configured earlier in Microsoft Entra ID
    2. Select Save
  2. Go to Domains
    1. Select Add a domain
    2. Enter your own domain, e.g.,
    3. Select Add
    4. Confirm that the domain is also listed. If not, add it. This is required for Haiilo Public Cloud customers for the Bot to work.
      • If you're a Private Cloud customer, you need to add the domain you used to configure the Bot that you created earlier.
  3. You can now test the application by selecting Preview in Teams and then Add the app in Teams. If the app works as expected, you can Publish it to your org per your company guidelines.

In the app, you can navigate to the Home tab to view your Haiilo homepage or use the Chat tab to Sign In to be updated about new blog articles.

Teams homepages and blog notifications.png

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