Integrate several companies into Haiilo

One Digital Home for all. Are you a corporate group that brings together several companies and want to link up all of the employees from the group? You can achieve precisely that with Haiilo! 


An undertaking like this is part of an extensive change project. After all, each company usually has its own corporate culture, structure, and, in most cases, its own corporate identity (CI). Irrational factors can also pose a challenge, such as the fear of losing independence as a small company.

With Haiilo, each company can present its image and address its employee groups in a targeted way, without losing contact with the corporate group. This also gives everyone the opportunity to work and interact with colleagues from the corporate group. 

Corporate design – your own corporate colors

Our multi-brand theme lets you configure different themes for different target groups. This way, you can make sure your users feel at home in Haiilo and are shown the corporate design (CD) that they should see. Whether the color or the company logo – you have many options in Haiilo. You can create the various themes for this in Administration. You can find out more about this here.

You can allocate the created designs to various groups, which you create, in turn, via the permissions and roles system for each company/user group. This has the advantage that each group sees precisely the layout that’s intended for them and you as administrators only have to create it once. So there’s no need to worry, everyone will continue to feel at home in their usual colors. 

Entry into Haiilo – one Homepage per company

The Homepage is the starting point for your everyday work and should provide all the information that your target groups need. This is usually the Homepage of your own company and that’s also how it should stay. The user should primarily see what’s subjectively important to them. However, taking a look left and right at the other companies within the group is also important. 

You can create various Homepages per company in Haiilo via Administration and shape these according to the company’s priorities using widgets. Here, too, you can use groups from the permissions and roles system to determine who sees which Homepage. You can find out how to set up Homepages in this article.

News – see content that’s of interest

One platform for several companies also means more information that’s provided. To help users keep sight of the big picture and primarily see the information that’s relevant for them, we recommend creating one central News Page per company. This is configured as mandatory for all employees belonging to the company (auto-subscribe).

The same can also apply to a central, company-wide Page, on which further information is provided about the company and its structures. All further Pages are based on the users’ interests. If they’re interested in the central news Page for an affiliated company, they can decide for themselves whether they subscribe to this. So there’s no need for the users to worry; on the contrary – they can subscribe to the information that’s relevant to them and even gain additional information. There are only advantages. 

You can find out more about the layout of Pages and the setting options here

Knowledge – find all relevant content

Nothing is more important than finding the content that’s relevant to you. Haiilo offers you the option of making all relevant knowledge-based content available. The best way to do that is with the help of the Pages in Haiilo. But your users don’t need to worry that they’ll be flooded with information or won’t be able to identify which information is important to them. With the help of groups, you can control what content should be displayed for the users from which company. 

Is there content that should be visible to everyone? Also not a problem – you make this available to everyone via a Central Page or simply select further groups for certain content.  

Find contacts – one telephone book for all

One particularly handy feature of a central platform is the possibility of quickly and easily finding contact persons in affiliated companies. All of the colleagues can be found in the list of colleagues and the users can connect quickly. Users consider this too many colleagues in the overview: no problem! Thanks to filter options, users can also only see the colleagues in their company who are relevant to them. Or, even better: They also have the option of finding their counterpart in the affiliated company. This means that someone from the Marketing department of company A can find their contact person from the Marketing department of company B – networking made easy! 

You can find out more about the list of colleagues here

Collaboration – develop joint projects

With the help of communities in Haiilo, you can easily work on joint projects or topics – even beyond the limits of your own company. This not only simplifies collaboration with affiliated companies, but also brings the companies closer. It doesn’t have to just involve projects: There might be a sports Community, for example, in which everyone interested in sport can interact, network, and meet to go jogging together. This helps everyone get to know each other better and breaks down barriers in the working environment.  

Do you want to encourage colleagues to make use of these synergies? Act as a role model, publish the success story of the collaboration within the intranet project along with the advantages and what you’ve learned. Convince through conviction, talk about how impressed you are with the collaboration opportunities. Your users will love it!

You can find out more about communities here.

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