Brief updates: How to set up a newsticker

Special times sometimes also require a higher frequency of communication. This also includes short breaking news reports without any detailed information. This type of news is generally only one or two sentences long. Especially when events are happening fast, it’s helpful to see the information in chronological order. 

In the following use case, we’ll show you how to set up a newsticker that keeps your users updated via the mobile app

Set up a newsticker

The blog app is the best choice for central corporate communications – including in this example. The rich text editor can be used to create and structure your news, and your Haiilo app users are, above all, informed about news via push notifications

You could create individual Blog articles for these news headlines, but things would soon get very confusing. We thus recommend one blog article in which you list the news headlines in chronological order. If necessary, you can link to further information.  


Update newsticker 

To ensure that all users are informed about the latest reports in the newsticker via push notifications, we need to make use of a small trick. An updated blog article doesn't trigger another notification – and that’s exactly how it should generally be.

To set up a new report in the news ticker format,

  • reset the publication to draft,
  • update the report, and
  • publish it again.

Resetting and re-publishing triggers a new push notification


Please use this workaround with care so that your users don’t receive too many notifications. Only use it when you really need to. 

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