Bring the go-live forward: Quick start with Haiilo

Challenging times sometimes require our plans to change at short notice. This can also apply to the scheduled go-live of Haiilo. You’ve come up with a great concept for the launch of your digital home, planned campaigns and great promotions, and perhaps even prepared materials. And then: The situation has suddenly changed and you urgently need a way to quickly and effectively reach all employees

What options are available?

One idea’s obvious: Why not bring the go-live of Haiilo forward? There are sure to be reservations initially: "We’re not ready yet," someone might say. Or "We’ll lose our big launch. The success of the entire project depends on the go-live," says another. And the managers wonder, "Can we go live already?".

All of these are valid thoughts and we recommend that you carefully consider the approach and the advantages and disadvantages. Of course, nothing should happen ad hoc with the entire planning thrown overboard overnight!

However, the challenge also offers an opportunity: You’re in a situation in which the workforce requires information and wants greater transparency. Perhaps employees have already approached you via a variety of channels? This is an advantage as the interest and need for information are there. Which is something you certainly also want when Haiilo goes live.

You can now choose from two scenarios:

  • You bring the entire launch forward and add further information on the current situation or
  • you create a quick start and concentrate on the area with the greatest need: Information.

Let’s now take a closer look at the second scenario.

Quick start with Haiilo

To provide employees with information as quickly as possible, you launch with the most important functionalities for them: the Homepage and the pages.

The needs and content vary from company to company. You decide what you implement and what suits you best. We’ll give you a few tips below on a layout that’s proven of use in practice. 



You first need a page on which you publish the company’s news and provide information about the latest goings-on. Depending on the communication and information requirements, it may be useful to create another page to publish further information from certain company departments.

Three apps are particularly suitable for this in terms of content:

  • Blog app
    To make company news available (this is also pushed via the Mobile app).
  • Timeline app
    Suitable for short status updates or breaking news.
  • Wiki appMakes knowledge-based content and FAQs available in a clear way. 



The starting point for the users who use Haiilo via desktop. This is where the content from the page(s) comes together. You also have the option of making further information available with the help of widgets.

We recommend these widgets in combination with your company page:

  • Teaser widget
    This allows you to draw attention to special news, topics, or the company page.
  • Latest blog posts
    The latest blog posts, which are published on the news page via the blog app, are automatically displayed here.
  • Latest wiki articles
    An overview of the latest knowledge-based content provided via the wiki app. 

Customize rollout plan

The basic framework of functionalities has been created. Awesome! It’s now a case of promoting Haiilo and supporting a quick launch. Alongside promotional activities, the board of management and managers are a crucial factor in achieving a successful go-live – even when you’re getting started with Haiilo more quickly!

If you use the Haiilo app, explain to your users how to install the app and receive push notifications. This is particularly important if you’re launching with company news.

Check the settings for the role "User" under Permissions & Roles to ensure that the Haiilo app news module is visible to everyone.  

Expand Haiilo

The launch has been successful, all your employees are already on the platform, and there’s also activity happening on there. Congratulations! You can now tackle its further expansion. This is where your initial rollout plan comes in. Of course, the original plan isn’t up to date anymore and can’t be implemented in its entirety, but the work wasn’t for nothing! It needs to be altered in places as you’ve already created an essential pillar for your digital home with the pages and Homepages. You’ve probably noticed that the next thing to do is to create further pages for different information from the company (e.g., location pages).

It’s also about interaction and collaboration: This is your opportunity to slowly introduce users to the new form of collaboration! You can gradually activate Haiilo’s functionalities and customize your rollout plan according to your needs. The best thing about this approach: You can constantly place the focus on individual functionalities.

What’s involved?

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